Freight Thievery in Germany: Someone Stole All The Nutella

Global history has given us pirate attacks, wars, and mass looting and burning– but perhaps nothing compares to the ache German citizens felt when they heard 5.5 tons of the beloved chocolate-hazelnut Nutella spread had been stolen off the back of a truck over the weekend.

The Nutella was taken from a parked, unattended truck in an old railway station outside Bad Hersfeld, Germany.

Stateside, trailers left unlocked in insecure areas have the highest rates of theft, according to recent American thievery statistics. In 2009, the average dollar amount of goods stolen from U.S. freight trucks was $500,000. The average freight theft has since come down to $174,298 in 2012– though theft from unsecured parked trailers still accounts for 61% of all US freight theft in 2013 first quarter reports.

The police report on Monday, April 8 stated that a band of heathens made away with 6,500 jars of Nutella sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, with a total value of about $21,000. German news agency DPA reported that unidentified thieves stole 34,000 cans of Red Bull from the same area in August 2012 and only two weeks ago took $40,000 worth of coffee.

Are these German thieves planning a big breakfast?!


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