Holy Guano, Batman!!

At uShip, we’ve had our share of buzz-worthy shipments — a life-sized Frank Sinatra figurea real dinosaur skull, and a trailer full of caskets but we just came across one that may be difficult to touch:  4 pallets of bat guano, or excrement from the nocturnal creatures.

bat guano

What you may not realize is that Guano is quite valuable, a modern-day black gold.  Soil that is deficient in organic matter can be given a boost from guano’s high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. A Jamba Juice Energy Boost for your dirt, if you will.  Best of all guano lacks of an offensive odor.  So whichever service provider lands this job, they’ll be right up there with psychiatrists and plumbers — all people who help others deal with their crap.


Holy Guano, Batman!! was last modified: July 8th, 2013 by uShip
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