Let Your Hair Down, It May Help Your Job.

The importance of social events at companies

kickballEveryone has a “guy” for something – a mechanic, a bartender, some sort of hook up. The person that’ll cut you a deal, put you first in line, or help you out even if they don’t really have the time.

This idea isn’t too far off from company culture, either.

Most people have their confidont, the person they know will give them a great recommendation, the boss who has their back – even the developer who will work faster just to prioritize their task.

It’s easy to call on others for help, or a favor when you feel comfortable with them and can easily approach them. This can become harder as companies grow in size or number of locations. People become insular in their own teams and naturally gravitate towards people with whom they interact on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon to mistake someone’s tone, intent, or goal when you know them purely on a professional level or don’t have context for their role, or day-to-day experience.

Social events at work around the holiday can be as weird as you want.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ping Pong Tournament

uShip has grown dramatically in the last few years. As such, our operations team works hard to facilitate regular, social interaction between colleagues. In fact, uShippers enthusiastically participate in a long list of annual social events. Among the most popular is First Friday, where uShippers take the first Friday of every month off work to socialize together and do team building activities, community outreach, or simply hang out.

“Now that we’re in two offices, we have a forced interaction that is a great time given to spark conversation. It’s like ‘stop, don’t think about that, think about this.’ This is a better two office setup than before. People sit and talk about what they are working on,” says Heather Hoover, director of Community Support. “We play well together and this helps us work well together. Our events, our first Fridays, our traditions start the groundwork and foundation for us to work better together.”

Social events at work like a scavenger hunt are great for team building.

Scavenger Hunt Team Spelling Out uShip

Adapting to company growth is tough, there’s no better way to say it. However, you can help keep that small town vibe going, much like what we experience as Austinites, by giving employees a time and place to gather and interact casually. It gives employees an opportunity to relax around each other and something to look forward to – it may even help keep them around longer and move your company forward faster.

If you like uShip’s style and are looking for a new start, check out our jobs page: www.about.uship.com/jobs.

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