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Meet Johnny Chavez from Shipping Wars

Meet Johnny Chavez–the newest uShip pro featured in the A&E Real Life series Shipping Wars. Johnny began his life on the road as a young boy riding shotgun with his dad on long hauls. He claims that on his very first day in the rig as a 6-year-old, he knew that driving a truck would be his career one day. Now 40 years later, Johnny is in a cab of his own, listening to music and hauling loads that other drivers won’t touch.

Johnny considers himself the top dog when it comes to difficult and heavy loads. He’s made a business out of accepting loads that other carriers won’t take on. As he puts it, “if there’s a load everyone else is too afraid to ship, the customer calls me.

Johnny may be a bit big-headed, but he’s pretty well known in the business for handling difficult shipments. While Marc and Roy have enough macho-manliness to go around, the drama unfolds as Johnny joins the bidding wars race and takes it to a new level.