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Obama, Trump White House Moves Now on uShip [PHOTOS]

Amid all the politics, rhetoric and transition happening in our nation’s capital these days, it seems everyone’s forgetting one thing: LOGISTICS!

On January 20, outgoing President Obama and incoming President-elect Trump need to move their families and personal items out of and into the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, respectively.

It appears both parties have gone online for their P-residential moves, turning to uShip to get the job done. Below you’ll find details of each move, based on the shipment listings posted on uShip.

THE TRUMP MOVE: 46 Boxes of Law, 143 Bins of Order

Did you know the U.S. president-elect is responsible for managing their own inbound move? In this case, President-elect Trump — a man in constant search of a good deal — has apparently taken to uShip to list his NYC-to-D.C. household relocation, recognizing the benefit of household movers bidding against one another to win his business.

Along with boxes of Law and bins of Order, other top Trump items making the trip include:

•  Five 18-feet tall letters — T, R, U, M, P
•  His Vladimir Putin statue
•  Several boxes of wife Melania’s unsold jewelry from QVC
•  Central Park (minus the joggers and main pond)

THE OBAMA MOVE: 125 Boxes of Hope, 240 Bins of Change

Meanwhile, President Obama, wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia — soon to be on a citizen’s budget — are also looking for a deal on their local, 7-mile move to DC’s Kalorama Neighborhood. They are definitely downsizing, going from the 132-bedroom White House to a mere eight rooms at their new digs.

Our guess is the Obamas are leaving the First Playscape installed outside the Oval Office for Trump’s youngest son, Barron, when he visits Washington.

Along with boxes of Hope and bins of Change, here are some other top items on the Obama shipping manifest:

•  Every letter ‘T’ removed from White House keyboards (Joe’s idea: “Tough to type Trump without a ‘T'”)
•  4 sets of heavily-used golf clubs
•  18 bottles of men’s hair dye, unopened
•  28 boxes of leftover ‘I (heart) Scranton’ bumper stickers

Moving soon? Providers on uShip are standing by to help both presidents and residents alike.