Long-Distance Ride-Sharing: Uber Cool


My roommate has almost used up his 20 free Uber rides in Austin, Texas in less than 2 weeks.

It seems ridiculous, but the ride-sharing, easy-access lifestyle is really convenient. I believe his words were, “I’m about that Uber lifestyle.”

While he loves the ability to be transported on a whim from A to B with minimal effort – despite having no car – when it comes time to take a road trip around Texas, or across state lines for that matter, he can’t hail an Uber to take him to Marfa or beyond.

Recently, Uber released an article telling customers that in three select cities in the US they could request to be picked up by Optimus Prime, a custom made truck modeled after the robot seen in Transformers. Pretty sweet.

Now, what if that experience transformed itself, much like Optimus Prime, to long distance ride sharing?

Omg, it already has.

With uShip you can request to literally ship yourself somewhere. That’s right, you can jump in a truck with a service provider already making a trip near or far and likely find a much cheaper rate (and better conversation) than any standard means of transportation.

Here’s how it works:
1. Select Passengers on uShip.com where prompted to choose what you’re shipping
2. Fill in your destination and a little personal info (music tastes, etc)
3. Wait for the bids to roll in!

If you select a service provider and agree to the price, you’re off. Just make sure you and the driver settle on music choice.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky and Optimus Prime or one of his sidekicks will pick you up. 🙂

uShip is reinventing shipping and logistics through tools, trust and transparency. Through uShip’s transport marketplace, it’s now faster, easier and cheaper for consumers and businesses to connect with thousands of customer-reviewed transporters that often have empty truck space offered at a discounted rate.

Ship anything, anytime, anywhere with uShip!

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