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College football has just started and if there’s one thing uShip loves almost as much as shipping it’s Longhorn football.    As we gear up for the season, we’ve gotten to thinking about that classic football experience: tailgating.  What exactly makes for a perfect tailgating experience?

Team Colors

There are places in the US where you can’t wear certain colors.  Those places are called college campuses on Saturday afternoons.  If you’re in South Bend, don’t show up in cardinal and gold.  Anyone within the State College city limits should be wearing blue and white.    The only shirt you have that’s clean is the color of the opposing team?  If you’re a guy with a beer belly, you are allowed to go shirtless.  We don’t know where that rule came from, but it nonetheless is allowed.


When choosing food, you can never go wrong with hamburgers and hot dogs—your standard American faire.  If you want to truly make an impact at the tailgate, bring about some regional flare.  That means barbecue in Texas, brats in Wisconsin, jambalaya in Louisiana, and so on.  This is no time to worry about being healthy.  This should go without saying, but don’t be the guy who brings carrot sticks and low-fat ranch dressing.  You’ll be taking it home with you, untouched.


You’ve got two choices with beer.  You can load up coolers with cans or you can bring a keg.  Each has its positives and negatives.


Positives—Generally cheaper.  Not as much trash left over.
Negatives—More difficult to transport.  Also need cups.


Positives—Easier to transport.  Less waiting in line for beer.  Can get more beer variety.
Negatives—Create trash.  More expensive for the same amount of beer.


While this isn’t mandatory, having a television at your tailgate spot is always a plus.  In fact, some days I think the only reason televisions are thinner than their predecessors is to aid in transport to and from tailgate spots.  And if you can’t make it inside the stadium, there’s nothing better than enjoying the game from the parking lot.

uShip is geared up for a football season full of tailgating and, hopefully, a Texas run to the BCS.  What are your sure-fire tips for tailgating success?

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