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The 5 Best Car Clubs in America

Classic car enthusiasts are a special breed of individual. They pour their hearts and souls into their automobile, which, similar to themselves, is one of a kind.

There’s a certain sense of pride that goes along with having a classic vehicle, and like-minded people have been sharing their hobby with one another for quite some time. Throughout the U.S., a large number of car clubs have emerged as a great avenue for enthusiasts to form a community with common interests.

Here are five of the coolest car clubs in the U.S.:

1. The Veteran Motor Car Club of America: The name may be deceiving to the everyday individual, but believe it or not, the title has nothing to do with military veterans or their cars. Founded in 1938, the VMCCA was initially created to showcase more than 75 veteran cars at the time. Although the classic car market was modest at the time, the VMCCA has grown into an organization with more than 3,000 current members, its website says. The club has national tours and various local chapters throughout the country.

2. The Classic Car Club of America: Similar to most other organizations, the Classic Car Club of America is all about vintage automobiles. However, the CCCA differentiates itself from the crowd because specifically focuses on older sports cars. This fraternity of classic automobiles is exclusive in that its members must have a vehicle made during the Grand Classic Car era, or between the years 1919 and 1948. Membership dues range from $10 to $70 annually.

3. The Vintage Sports Car Club of America: If you haven’t noticed an underlying theme yet, let us point it out for you: these clubs like their vintage automobiles. The difference between most classic car clubs and the Vintage Sports Car Club of America is that since its inception in 1976, the club has focused on classic cars with the intent of racing them against one another. The VSCCA is the oldest auto preservation club in the country that offers a complete race program in addition to a rally and other conservation events. The organization primarily focuses on pre-World War II cars, although certain exceptions are made formodels built in up to 1960, its website says.

4. Antique Automobile Club of America: Just like its name, the Antique Automobile Club has been around for quite some time. First created in 1935, the AACA’s aim is topromote the collectible vehicle community. Through its national meets and regional tours, the organization aims to bring together collectible vehicle enthusiasts. The club also has an award-winning 100-page magazine that showcases some of the finest cars the group has to offer.

5. The Sports Car Club of America: Similar to the VSCAA, the Sports Car Club of America focuses heavily on auto enthusiasts who enjoy racing their classic cars. The SCCA was created in 1944 with one aim: Bring motorsports to those who truly love them. The organization hosts regional and national events in hopes of attracting new car-lovers to their organization on a yearly basis. The best part about the SCCA is that it caters to all levels, so those who are curious about the group can participate as much or as little as they like from the onset.

Did we miss one? Do you belong to a car club that you believe should make this list? Let us know with your comments!

What’s your favorite classic car rivalry?

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