The Top Shipping Story on uShip – The 9 Lives Drive

IMG_0031Now, the top shipping story of the last 10 years on uShip – uShip partners with PETA to rescue animals from the Louisiana BP oil spill!

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love a story about animals being rescued?

Here’s the high-level details:

  • 27 Cats
  • 2 Dogs
  • 17 Hours in an RV
  • 4 uShippers (including CEO Matt Chasen)
  • 1 successful rescue mission

In 2010 uShip loaded up the Help on Wheels RV once again to facilitate the cross-country transport of 27 cats and 2 dogs who were abandoned after the BP oil spills in Louisiana. uShip partnered with PETA to pick up the animals from the Denham Springs Animal Shelter in Louisiana and deliver them directly to the Norfolk, Virginia PETA HQ as Denham Springs had run out of room to house any further animals.

Originally the cats were put in the back of the Help on Wheels RV with the door left open to allow proper air conditioning to flow over them. The dogs were in the common area of the RV where the uShippers took shifts to sleep. Everything appeared to be going smoothly – until the AC broke in the RV leaving animals and humans panting as they made their journey to the east coast.

The group decided to improvise – all the cats were moved into the common area and the windows were open to allow proper airflow through the entire vehicle. That meant no sleep for humans and an increasingly smelly RV.

At one point, the group stopped in Mississippi to refuel at Which Wich. As soon as the door opened one of the dogs bolted from the car. Chasen grabbed some deli meat inside of Which Wich and successfully attracted the dog’s attention getting him back into the RV in time for the last leg. Phew.

After 17 hours straight on the road , the group arrived at the PETA HQ and successfully delivered all animals to their new home.

When the group showed up to Chasen’s in laws house, his family, who was expecting a sparkling RV and happy rested group, was instead greeted with a rather haggard looking bunch and an RV covered in cat hair. Everyone bypassed hugs in lieu of much needed showers.

Definitely worth it to give new homes to animals in need.

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