Throwback Thursday: Ford Model A

Ford Model A

A common “throwback” listing we see on the uShip marketplace is the Ford Model A. We see not only the classic Model A Coupe cross the marketplace, but the Model A Sedan, Fordor, Roadster, Phaeton and Pickup. The overwhelming popularity of the Ford Model A began with its debut in December, 1927 when– according to some sites– riots started at Ford houses as people clamored to purchase the newest Ford creation.

Ford Model A BlueLongevity, dependability and simplicity were more important to Henry Ford than fast speeds and grea horsepower. It took a lot of convincing for him to give up his notion that America should buycars instead of cosmetically pleasing ones. When Model T sales numbers began to dip in 1926, Henry relented his stubbornness and recruited his son Edsel Ford to design the new Model A. Edsel “knew that an important goal of automobile making was the pleasure of the owner, and to this end he insisted on comfort, service, quality and beauty,” according to the Ford Company.


The Model A was the first Ford to use the standard set of driver controls with a conventional clutch and brake pedals including a throttle and gearshift. For areas with cooler climates, owners could purchase a special add-on– a cast iron unit to place over the exhaust manifold to provide heat to the cab. (Hello, fumes!) By February 1929, a little over a year after its release, Ford had sold one million Model As. Replacing the Model T, the early 1930’s production of the Model A began the era of “flexible mass production.”

The time Henry and Edsel Ford took to design and engineer the Model A fueled automobile owner’s curiosity. Ford’s Model T (nicknamed “Tin Lizzie”) was so popular, people over fantasized what the Model A would offer. When Ford released the Model A, America’s expectations were exceeded and the country went wild. Walter O’Keefe immortalized the release of the model a with the song “Henry’s Made A Lady Out of Lizzie.”

When Ford stopped producing the car in 1932, 5 million Model A’s existed. The mass manufacture of these cars make them one of the most accessible classic cars to restore today.

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