Top 5 Distracting Truck Designs

Last year, the FMCSA banned the use of handheld mobile phones for truck and bus drivers, and for good reason. Several studies have shown that calls and texts pose a serious, fatal danger on the road. More recent tragedies have prompted the DOT to recommend that states ban the use of handheld mobile devices for all drivers.

But as most of us are aware, distractions in general are everywhere on the road– occasionally even with the trucks themselves. Here are the top 5 most distracting trucks we’ve found on the ‘net…

5. The Mad Maxmobile

This mean-looking, steampunk-inspired monster was first spotted in Russia. Apparently the truck was constructed by a group of Moscow bikers, who named the monster the “Iron Wolf.”

Mad Maxmobile

4. BEER.

It looks too real, and we’re too thirsty. Odds are drivers’ eyes would stay fixated on the frosty Scandinavian brew ahead rather than the road.

Beer Truck

3. HEY! You’re going the wrong w– Oh.

Another classic design from the same Euro creative agency that created number 4. 

Wrong Way

2. An Offense to the Eyes

We haven’t seen these in the States yet, but Suzuki has managed to design the strangest, most distractingly ugly semi we have ever seen. It looks like it could be Parliament-Funkadelic’s tour van. Either that, or Optimus Prime and Swatch had a love child.

In true offense to classic American truck design, the truck is designed with extreme angles on the front, circular windshield wipers and wind skirts over the tires. It runs on a Mercedes platform and has a 6-cylinder (oh, Europe.), 4-valve, up to 530 hp turbo diesel engine.

Buggy Truck 2   Buggy truck

1. WHAT?!

This is literally the worst idea ever, from the world capital of terrible ideas and black hole of all things that are good and tasteful, Las Vegas. The “stripper-in-a-truck” idea didn’t last very long at all.

Stipper Truck

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