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Top eBay Sellers Of All Time: What Did They Sell?

Internet users would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with the popular e-commerce website eBay. In fact, even most non-tech-savvy people are at least familiar with what the San Jose, California,-based online retailer does, which is why so many consumers have tried their luck in selling various items on its platform.

While some vendors haven’t struck it big, others have achieved a large amount of success from years of transactions. With that in mind, here are the five top eBay sellers of all time and what they sold:

1. JayAndMarie: The married couple whose names are Jay and Marie put together one of the most prominent eBay usernames in the website’s history. Although the two are no longer selling on the e-commerce platform, their username remains intact. The couple made their fortune selling CDs, which a decade ago, still made people money. In 2004 the two put up their business for a cool $5 million but there were no bites. Currently the two provide “action fulfillment services” to their customers that wish to move products online, just as they did.

2. GlacierBayDVD: In 2004, GlacierBayDVD made $4.6 million in transactions in terms of value of items sold on eBay, according to industry website eCommerce Bytes. Then-owner Randy Smythe was selling a lot of DVDs, which, believe it or not, was considered new technology a decade ago. How’s that for aging yourself? Smythe has since moved on to a different project; he’s now the senior director for BlueFly’s online marketplace. We think it’s safe to say that this guy knows his stuff when it comes to pushing products online. Unfortunately for eBay buyers, the username is no longer in service.

3. Everydaysource: For those interested in browsing one of the eldest eBay members of all time, look no further than everydaysource. The 14-year-old account is one of the most highly rated usernames on the whole platform, with a 99.3 percent feedback rate. In the past 12 months has had 141,024 positive responses. Patrons visiting the page can find mostly tech odds and ends like battery chargers, HDMI cables, headphones and a wide variety of adapters.

4. Estocks: The U.K.-based seller currently ranks second-highest in the world and far behind everydaysource with a 98.7 percent positive feedback rating, according to Web Retailer. Consumers looking to purchase video game systems, games themselves or DVDs can check out Estocks’ robust eBay page. They can also expect quality customer service, as more than 1.24 million people have had positive things to say about the e-retailer.

5. babz: The world’s current No. 1 certainly isn’t known for its username, although it may ring a bell with seasoned e-commerce buyers. The U.K.-based entity sells a wide variety of business items, including envelopes, batteries and CDs, as well as products like power tools, lights and beard trimmers, so its scope is more than broad. The tenured retailer has an extremely high positive feedback rating at 99.4 percent and has been an eBay member since October 2006.