uShip University: Trucker Lingo 101

“I had the hammer down on the way home-20 to my better half and the ankle biters, but now this baby-bear is taking pictures so I’m going double-nickel.”

While the words may be in English, I may as well be speaking a different language: Trucker.

Most truckers spend some time every day on CB radios (and some never seem to get off them) and have developed their own language, a code of the road that has been defined and refined through the years. Fear not, our friends over at The Trucker’s Report have compiled a list of trucker’s lingo and sayings to help the rest of us communicate. Here are some of our favorites to help you decode the sentence above:

Vintage CB adHammer Down: Going as fast as you can
Home-20: Your Home
Better half: Wife (Or husband)
Ankle Biters: Children
Baby-Bear: Rookie Cop
Taking Pictures: Police using
Radar Double Nickel: 55 Mph.

Wikipedia has also compiled a list of “Ten-Code” – code phrases used in CB and Police Radio Communication:
10-4: Ok, Understood, or Affirmative
10-20: My current location.
10-36: The time of day (as in “What’s the 10-36?”)

Take some time to study and learn these, you’ll know when you’re fluent if you can listen to Cleddus Maggard’s 1970s song “The White Knight” and understand what he’s talking about!

Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite bits of Trucker lingo are in the comments!

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