uShip’s Hottest Cars

At uShip we have coordinated the transport of thousands of vehicles over the last five years, and while we take pride in every success story, it is particularly exciting to see our efforts validated by shippers who trust the marketplace with extremely rare and/or valuable vehicles. Anything but normal, the following cars are the hottest, coolest and sweetest ever to grace the uShip’s listings.

Model T

Regarded as the first affordable automobile, Henry Ford’s Model T was manufactured between 1908 and 1927. Junkinjeff’s beautiful, red carriage will be around for years to come after its successful trip from Munford to Ft. Mitchell.

Bentley GT

With top a top speed of 198 mph, the twin-turbo W12 engine Bentley Continental GT can get places fast. What’s more, this luxurious king of the automotive jungle turns heads with its looks as much as performance. As of press time lipemedeiros was in the process of negotiating a delivery for his two Bentley’s [check current status of listing].


Explosive acceleration catapults the Ferrari F430 from 0-60 in a face-flattening 3.6 seconds. Inspired by the Italian racetrack, these slick machines demand an estimated $175k in the states and pauldipaolo shipped his over 500 miles for $1100, zoom zoom.

Luxury Car Shipping

Faster than a speeding Mustang, the Saleen Cobra is a rare and pricy version of Ford’s classic sports car. Manufactured by Saleen, Incorporated of Troy, Michigan, very low production numbers make this a car collector’s dream.

Mercedes Transport

By producing only 500 McLaren SLR’s a year Mercedes Benz has made the model one of the expensive and rarest vehicles on the road today. For about $500,000 you’ll rocket 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 208 mph. We’re talking muscle.

Shelby Cobra

blitzforce’s 1965 Shelby Cobra brings bling to a whole new level. Chromed out to max, the customized roadster is one of the cooler cars you will ever see. He recently trusted it to uShip and was rewarded with a 1700 mile shipment for under $2,500

AC Cobra

Like its cousin Shelby, the AC Cobra is a British roadster originally intended for the track. Designed as a “corvette beater,” the light weight auto is so fast that it is rumored to have contributed to the implementation of national speed limits in the U.K. While no laws were broken during the transport of BajaBoys’ 1967 gem from Riverside, CA to Sumas, WA, you can bet federaltowingltd was putting the pedal to the metal.

Ford Street Rod

antiqu8ed’s 1932 Ford Street Rod is straight out of a mobster film, but cooler. The black and aqua exterior make this hot-rod an eye catcher, and the antique body style harkens back to the heyday of American automobile manufacturing.


lherndo shipped his immaculate 2007 Corvette ZO6 from Warrington, PA to Lexington, SC for under $500. That’s just over a dollar for every horse this luxurious sports car kicks out.  In addition to 405 horsepower, the ZO6 zooms 0-60 in under four seconds and blasts through the quarter mile in under 12.

Written by Ben Leffler, who has yet to drive anything as cool as these cars but aspires to one day do so.


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