What Big Mistake Did Walter White Make?

Spoiler alert here to those who may be catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad.

In the episode “To’hajiilee” we saw Walt speeding towards the coordinates of his buried treasure. While GQ is speculating on whether or not all of his money made it to the Indian Reservation (It looks like Huell and Kuby might have skimmed a lot more than what Walt declared as “close enough”), we’re wondering if Walt could have avoided wearing himself out had he hired someone to do the dirty work for him.

Remember the 7 barrels? Well, we know that one empty one weighs about 44 lbs.

Using the figures from GQ, we also know that the drums hold 51.467 cubic feet of money in total. Divided by 7, that is 7.352428571 cubic feet per barrel. A crude Google search tells us that 9,600 dollar bills will fit in 1 cubic feet. So with our arithmetic, each barrel has about 70,500 bills (we had to round to the closest 100 without going over, since that’s how bundles work) with each bill weighing 1 gram. So converting grams to lbs, we ended up with 155 lbs of money in a 44 lb barrel.


Now knowing that each barrel weighs 199 lbs, we used our Shipping Calculator to estimate the cost of moving the money from the storage unit in zip code 87109 to the To’hajiilee reservation in zip code 87026.

Remember that this is just for fun and we don’t condone using our platform for illegal activities.

But for the continuation of this exercise, listing barrels on uShip as Business & Industrial Goods is the best category for coming up with an estimate. Once we put in the parameters, we estimate that it would cost $105.43 per barrel – or about $738 in total.

Should've used uShip

There certainly would be more labor costs involved in having someone bury the money for him, not a service you can request on uShip.  But including the cost of even that, it appears that for the sacrifice of about 1 $1000 bundle that is still buried in the sand a whole lot of carnage could have been avoided. Then perhaps Hank,  Gomie, Uncle Jack and his gang of Neo-Nazis would have never ended up in a New Mexican standoff.

Mr. White should’ve used uShip.

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  • toddflink

    20k and I would have taken care of his shipment… burial and all. LOL