Advanced Bidding Now Available for All Service Providers

uShip’s advanced bidding tools are now available for all service providers. These tools help you bid more efficiently, saving you time and making you more money. Look for these features in the bid form when placing your next bid.

Never Get Underbid Again

The tool formerly known as Bid Valet is now built into the main section of the bid form. You can set a starting bid and optionally set the lowest price you would service the shipment for (you can still just set a standard starting bid if you prefer). If another service provider underbids you, you will automatically underbid them unless you have reached your lowest bid. Also, note that the Amount to Me Calculator is now built into the bid form – just enter the amount you would like to make, and your bid will be instantly calculated.

Bid Form
bid Form

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Active Bids


You know you can move a vehicle for $500, but nobody else has bid on the shipment, so you bid $650. A few hours later, you are on the road when another service provider bids $600. You will automatically place a bid of $550. The customer accepts, and before you even stop driving, you have a booked shipment.

This helped you in two ways: 

  1. This allowed you to place the higher bid of $650 without worrying about being underbid. Had a customer accepted immediately, you would have made $150 more than your lowest price.
  2. In this case, you ended up winning the job for $550, making $50 more than your lowest price.

Previously, the only way you would have won this job would be to make your initial bid $500, giving you no opportunity to book at a higher price. Assuming the other service provider could match your lowest price, they would have been able to underbid any initial bid you placed above $500, and by the time you knew it, the job would already have been booked.

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Group Bidding – Bid More Without the Risk of Overbooking

Group Bidding allows you to place bids on several shipments without risking overbooking – you set a maximum number of shipments you want to book, and as soon as you reach that number, the rest of your bids are automatically cancelled (note: this only cancels bids in the group you created – it does not cancel all of your bids).


You have room for two motorcycles on your trailer and have found six shipments that would work for your trip. The trouble is, if you bid on and win all six jobs, you will have to cancel four or tell the customers they will have to wait for your next trip.

Using Group Bidding, you can bid on all six of these loads, and as soon as you win two of them, the bids you have placed on the other four will automatically be cancelled. Now your trailer is full, and you don’t have to worry about going back to cancel your other bids to avoid overbooking.

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What service providers are saying about these bidding tools:

“I would say it’s one of the best tools you have. It allows me to make a bid for what I think I should get, but then put in my minimum bid and leave it alone. That way I don’t have to keep rebidding every time someone underbids me. If they bid below my minimum, then I just pass on the load.”   – totalequine

“Group Bidding allows us to better track the lanes we’re bidding both as head hauls and back hauls. We’re able to bid on shipments using the “cancel after X number of bids” have been accepted in a specific freight lane which in turn allows us to bid on a large number of trips without the worry of over bidding.”   – LakeNormanTransport

“It means we can leave our highest and lowest price and leave the auction without having to check back as we have already provided our best quotes. It saves us time and we can focus more on other areas of our business.”  – FurnitureDelivery

“With Group Bidding, I am able to bid on more loads and break them out into time groups, driver groups and even a long-term group, which helps with scheduling for myself and my drivers. Without it I would have to further limit the number of bids I could make at once. I like the fact that I can bid on multiple loads for the same time and not have to worry about overbooking, since it will cancel the other bids when one is accepted. It helps to prevent cancellations from having too many loads booked at once.”   – txdoug

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