Additional 2.25% uShip Payments Fee to Be Eliminated

No later than Wednesday, October 5, service providers will no longer be charged a separate 2.25% fee for uShip Payments transactions.

Money ShieldWhat this means for service providers:

  • Your fees and the amount you earn will be consistent regardless of which payment method the customer chooses.
  • The Amount to Me Calculator will once again be 100% accurate regardless of the payment method the customer chooses. We encourage you to use this tool whenever you bid to pass all your fees on to your customers.
  • You maintain the advantage of an extremely low payment processing rate thanks to uShip’s volume.

“So now are you just going to raise all fees by 2.25%?”

No, absolutely not. We have decided that the ability to accept payment online through uShip Payments is a core feature of the uShip site, and as with all of our core features, the cost associated with it should be built into the transaction fees our members pay when services are booked. By blending this cost into the standard fee structure, the cost can be shared equally by all members – so uShip Payments-eligible service providers are not penalized for their exemplary service.

Fees may be nominally adjusted in some categories. However, since our processing costs are now shared by all members, this will actually reduce the overall fee cost for uShip Payments-eligible service providers.

“What can we expect going forward?”

As the volume of shipments booked through uShip Payments increases, we will continue to negotiate better volume processing rates, which we will pass on to our service providers.

Additional 2.25% uShip Payments Fee to Be Eliminated was last modified: September 20th, 2013 by uShip
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