‘Find Shipments’ Facelift: Enhancements Make Finding Loads Easier on uShip

Without a doubt, uShip’s “Find Shipments” tool is the most important feature on the site for service providers.  Today, after months of taking in transporter feedback and weeks of beta testing, the load finding tool “has had a little work done,” as they say.

uShip’s enhanced version of “Find Shipments” addresses key and consistent pieces of feedback from transporters, whose input included improved ability to locate specialized shipments in any region, ways to more quickly narrow search results along a route, and generally, higher-quality search results. 

Most importantly, the new Find Shipments lets international service providers locate deliveries between any two countries (or groups of countries) in the world.


Summary of New Features:

    1. Filters and searches have been consolidated to the left side of the page

    2. Improved origin/destination search

      • Simply enter a city, state or zip code in either box to locate shipments.

        • This replaces the “Along a Route” tool.

      • Service Providers can now combine different filters for origin and destination.

        • Examples:  Enter a city as the origin, and select multiple US states as the destination. Or, enter a US state as the origin and select multiple countries as the destination. 

      • New “All” tab allows for Country-to Country search

        • For international transport listings, locate the country or continent in the “All” tab.

        • This is perhaps the most significant update, allowing providers to add international origin/destination criteria to any search.

Find Shipments


  1.  “Map View” allows providers to visually locate shipments that start/end in any area

    • To view listings specific to any region, simply zoom the map to the desired area. Click on balloons to view details of any shipment on the map.

    • By default, if the map is moved, the listings below will automatically filter to that area.

    • ** Don’t want to see the map? ** 

      • To disable the map and view all listings with your “Refine Search” criteria, click “Disable Map Filter.”

  2.   “Zoom to Area” feature

    • Enter any country, city or zip code and the map will zoom to that area.

Zoom to Area


Tips for Using “Map View”

  • As you update filters under “Refine Search” on the left (Category, Origin/Destination, Pricing, etc.), the map will ONLY display shipments reflecting those criteria.
  • Green balloons represent an origin, and red balloons a destination.
  • Yellow boxes represent “clusters” of shipments. Zoom in on those areas to view more detail.
  • You can view shipments that specifically start, or end, in the displayed map area by choosing an option under “Show shipments that: ”

Important Notes for Service Providers 

  • Search functionality has been expanded. However, any listings search you performed in the past can still be completed with the new interface. 
  • Remember, you can “undo” any search criteria on the left by clicking “Clear” or “Reset all filters.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at uShip.com/Support. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback!


‘Find Shipments’ Facelift: Enhancements Make Finding Loads Easier on uShip was last modified: September 20th, 2013 by uShip
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  • http://profile.typepad.com/uship uShip

    Some of you may have experienced loading issues with the Find Shipments page over the weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. This problem was resolved this morning and should now be working properly. Thank you for your patience as we work all issues out and please keep your feedback coming!

  • gardnerteam

    Cumbersome and much more difficult to use. Definately not user friendly. Will probably make me give up on uSHip as a waste of time. Takes to long to do what I could simply do in the past using “Along a Route” or Intrastate. Takes way too much time to set up and way too many keystrokes.

  • Ken Marks Trucking

    After using the “New Format” for Find Shipments for two weeks, I still do not like it. I liked the flexability of many ways to find shipments with the old format. Other than Canada and the U.S. I don’t need the cumbersome international locations. It is waisted space on the page. Please go back to the old format. Ken Marks Trucking

  • zach

    Not user friendly. Why take something simple and make it more difficult? Harder to navigate.

  • eastwest901

    This system is pretty well useless compared to the previous one. I pick up and deliver in Canada only, why do I need all these other countries confusing the issue? When I click on the map, I get everything that’s available in the states. I don’t need that. It won’t let me into anything in Canada. When I click on origin & destination, the closest I can get is North America. Americans don’t seem to realize that Canada is a seperate country. Useless.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/uship uShip

    Hi eastwest901,
    To search for listings within Canada, navigate to the “All” tab under Origin and destination. Click the “+” next to North America, then again for Canada.
    From there, you can select individual provinces and territories.