Online Payment Option Launching Soon

As many of you know, we have been testing our SafePay online payments system for over a year. We are very pleased to announce that we are rolling out full online payments as an option that customers can choose when they accept bids from service providers. Starting late next week, the customer can choose whether to pay the full amount online through uShip or use the standard booking deposit process.

Our goal with our online payment system is to make using uShip easier for both the customer and the service provider, and providing easy, safe and reliable online payments is an important way we can reduce the friction of shipping on uShip. In our pilot testing period, customers have shown a strong preference to paying once online instead of paying a deposit and then the balance to the service provider in two transactions. Service providers also like that they don’t have to deal with the hassle associated with accepting payments as well as the additional certainty that they will get paid quickly upon completion.

As a service provider, how do I get paid? 

When a customer books and pays online, they are given a payment code which they will give to you after the shipment is complete – or they can directly release the payment and you will be notified that the funds are available for withdrawal. Funds in your account can be withdrawn several different ways (ACH transfer, PayPal, uShip/Payoneer Debit, or paper check), and you can update your withdrawal method here.

IMPORTANT: SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO REQUEST THE PAYMENT CODE AFTER THE LOAD IS DELIVERED. If customers report to us that providers are requesting the payment code upfront, that is grounds for suspension of a service provider’s account.

payment option

Is there an extra fee for payment processing?

Yes – as you may know, processing credit card payments costs money.  uShip has sufficient payment volume that we have negotiated a very attractive rate of 2.25% that we pass along to our service providers. In many cases, this is a better rate than our providers get through their merchant accounts or PayPal. You will see this fee broken out in your account history for loads where the customer has chosen to pay online.

When will the customer have the online payment option?

Online payment will be an option for all bids under $2,750 from service providers that have more than 90% positive feedback and a feedback score greater than 10 or service providers that are CarrierWatch Verified. Bids over $2,750 and bids from service providers that don’t meet this criteria will only have the deposit payment option. Online payments with SafePay are currently only available for bids placed in US dollars.

We think, and in fact know from our testing, that expanding our payment system will be a big win for the whole community. We hope you like it and please give us your feedback so we can continue to improve our service.


Learn more: Service Providers

Online Payment Option Launching Soon was last modified: September 20th, 2013 by uShip
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  • craig

    This is another negative for uship. Your fee’s are already too high and now your adding more fee’s to use your processing service while making it take longer to receive payment. I noticed that you dont share how long it going to take to move the money from your account to whatever place I chose to recieve it!

  • Tom

    Could be a good thing if the TSP was protected in event of a cancellation. By being paid the deposit that is stated in their profile ion the event of a cancellation if the truck is enroute. However, all in all, I would prefer U-Ship to stay out of how I conduct business. Our 50/50 system has worked well for years with all our customers satisfied. Our customers state they enjoy “The lack of financial exposure” till there shipment arrives.
    In my opinion this system also provides some serious loopholes. It forces the TSP to give up their right to lien in exchange for a claim check number. Who is to say that the shipper will give the correct number (intentionally/unintentionally). It also adds an additional entity into the payment process. Who in turn has their own set of rules to play the game. If U-Ship wants to offer a factoring service…then it should be structured accordingly. As this program stands now it flies in the face of how the industry works.
    The lack of information posted on this new program creates more questions than provides solutions. I think that U-Ship may have crossed the line from neutral party status to one with a vested and biased interest.
    IN SUMMARY, A quote Robert Duvall from Days of Thunder comes to mind … “Don’t need it, Don’t want it, Couldn’t afford it if I did!”

  • Jim

    Wow, now uship is a brokerage. No more double brokering guys! I betcha uship will still try to claim they are neutral. This is just another reason why uship will fail, but just sooner than later. No more uship for me. Their fees are too high and now they get to take my money directly? I don’t think so. I want that option, i vannot leave that up to uship and for them to charge more off my profit

  • Jim

    I’ll just ask the shipper if they are doing the safepay. If so, i will mot bid. I don’t think anyone shoukd. We can force this to die quickly if we stick together instead of flagging each other.

  • Dan Kohlhagen

    Why in the world would a service provider want to pay an additional 2.25% to uShip? This looks like something we would want to avoid, if possible. Most shippers pay in cash, which is immediate and clean. This now, gives them a reason not to do that.

  • Tom

    Did some research on SafePay, had never heard of them before. The results were not comforting. My question would be, does UShip know who they are climbing into bed with?
    When you implement this, please indicate in the listing that it is a SafePay listing so I can avoid it like the plague.

  • Bob

    I agree. It’s a terrible program for the service provider. I’m not buying an airline ticket or other transportation to get to the shipment up front, paying expensive fuel costs and lodging ALL UP FRONT to MAYBE GET PAID on delivery. Sorry, uship… your RECENT, SILENTLY RAISING OF RATES is one thing but this tops the cake. Your greed will cause you to fail. My payment terms are 50% up front and if I can’t get that based on my profile and 100% positive feedback then you lost another service provider.
    This is far from a “big win for the whole community”. Shame on you!
    Bids should include wording that “this bid does not apply to and excludes any and all safepay transactions” OR “advances, deposits and all monies shall be paid via PayPal or cash ONLY”.

  • paul house

    i agree it sucks,look at the rate already customer want it ship for gas money and to take a chance on driveing 1000 miles or more and they fine some excuse not to pay,i already know since you took the customer side one time alredy on me without even hearing my side to this date thanks thirsty

  • Ray Johnson

    I am a wait and see type of guy but I will cancel any bid that wishes to pay in any way other than stated in my bid which is a binding contract.If you really need the extra money be up front about it and raise your rate.

  • Bobby Rick

    I will not be using it. If it is forced upon me, I will be forced to go elsewhere. I firmly believe that the shippers will too once they stop getting bids.