uShip Listens: Update on Book-It-Now Cancellations

uShip has received feedback from our users regarding Book-It-Now cancellations and we are making a change we hope you all will be happy about! Book-It-Now matches have traditionally had a higher cancellation rate, and seeing how these cancellations can be directly linked to changes made by the uShip team, we have decided to remove all Book-It-Now cancellations from your profiles until additional improvements are made to the Book-It-Now process.

As always, Book-It-Now cancellations will not count toward excessive cancellations or affect your feedback scores. You should now see that the cancellation comments and cancellation counts due to Book-it-Now matches have been removed from your profile. We apologize for any inconvenience that these cancellations may have caused.

If you have any questions about uShip’s cancellation policy please see section 9 of our User Agreement.

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep voicing your suggestions to the uShip team. Please let us know how you feel about this change!

uShip Listens: Update on Book-It-Now Cancellations was last modified: September 20th, 2013 by Heather Hoover
  • John Delano

    This is an excellent change in policy and I am certain it will enhance the “Book Shipment Now” feature where we have always been somewhat timid accepting not knowing the response of the shipper. We have encountered everything from complete satisfaction to outright hostility from “Book Shipment Now” shippers. I might add that uShip should consider explicit agreements accepted by the shipper that the “Book Shipment Now” is binding and to take steps to reduce confusion by sending notices to shippers explaining the feature. Also, consideration should be given to elimination of unrealistic Book It Now and Max listings. Someone who sets a target of $20 on a 1000 pallet traveling from NYC to LA gives the impression of not being serious or completely unrealistic. I usually ignore these listings.

    • DependaBill

      I couldn’t agree more, J.D. Why and how does uShip get off telling customers what they “think” they should charge. If they want to do the job for the “book it now” price then let them start shipping this stuff. They have no right to tell us what we should bid on a job, either, which is the same thing as telling the customer what to charge.

      On another rant…………. Well, since you got me started………….. why not control (better) these people that list things that they don’t already own. I’m speaking of those that want bids on something that they HOPE they win on E-bay or wherever. Nine out of ten bids that I “win” never accept a bid, and that’s being generous. I get red flagged for telling someone to let us know if you win as you’re only wasting our time until you actually do win. Should I go on?

  • Ken Campbell

    This change should go a long way to help. I do believe that Uship should charge a fee to the Shipper for posting a Book It Now. That fee would be returned once it is positive that the shipper did not cancel. In the event the shipper cancels, the fee would be paid to the transporter. Too often a transporter can miss out on a shipment because they believe that the Book It Now will fill their need. Also, The Book It Now option should not be available to first time shippers.

  • Jim Hartl

    Without a doubt this is surely a step in the right direction with regard to the u-ship cancelation policy, but in my opinion, it doesn’t go nearly far enough. You should really look at ALL Shipper based cancelations. A cancelation should only be charged to a service provider if they actually cancel on a shipment. Not when the shipper cancels the shipment because they either found an alternative shipping method, never really owned the item, or couldn’t really afford to pay for the item. I carry 3 cancelations on my account and I never canceled anything. In fact, I am also carrying a booked shipment now for months that the Shipper e-maied me after accepting my bid to tell me his brother was going to make the delivery for him. I asked him to cancel it on u-ship, and he couldn’t be bothered. Because I will not cancel the shipment, it is still listed as a booked shipment on my account. If I cancel, it will show as a cancelation on my account and negatively affect my feedback. Not to mention, a greater than 10% cancelation rate increases our match fee percentage. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that a policy that allows one to profit from a circumstance that I have no control over is a very poor and greedy policy. In all fairness, I’d like to say that I had a very lenghthy telephone conversation with the poster of this blog about six months ago about this very same issue. You may listen, but it took six months for you to hear. The u-ship cancelation policy makes the service provider a victim in most cases. As I mentioned in that conversation, u-ship needs to take a serious look at many of thier policies. JM of Itow4U

  • Shipper

    Policy change in right direction, but it covers the problem – doesn’t fix it. It is only fair we are not nicked for bookings done on an imperfect system or concept. Quite simply, the Book It Now lister needs to pay his fee up front and provide all of the contact information needed for a driver to do his end of the job. HEY…if they are not SERIOUS, they won’t put down $20-$80 to ship something, right? ALSO…make sure that ehy check a box saying that the item is actually bought, and that you cannot use BOOK IT NOW for a quote seeking situation. This isn’t rocket science, so why are the changes taking so long to implement?

  • Heather Hoover

    Thank you for your posts.
    We appreciate your suggestions and feedback. We’re also very excited about this policy change, and we love to hear how it’s affecting our members.
    We understand that this is a small change to our current cancellation policy, but keep in mind that this is one of several changes to come. Our next change, which includes many of your concerns, will be coming before the end of the year.
    We take all suggestions into consideration, and this policy change is proof that we want to do what’s best for our members.
    We look forward to hearing more in the future. Please keep posting!

  • Michigan Track

    This change doesn’t fix a thing and doesn’t help a thing.
    It doesn’t do anything to help prevent book-it-now fraud, does nothing to protect the shippers from incurring added costs and missed revenues.
    The only thing it does is help uShip hide the problem.
    This is SUCH an easy fix.. it would take less then one day of programming.. Book-it-Now’s should be executing just like Buy-It-Now.. when the person creates the shipment, they attach it to their credit card. When the TSP clicks on the book-it-now, the shipper’s credit card is charged. If the charge doesn’t go through, the TSP doesn’t get the job, and the shipment is canceled and deleted from the system and the shipper gets a negative feedback on their account.
    Since the entire purchase is on a credit card if the TSP doesn’t pick up the item, the shipper can turn it in to their CC company and get the shipment refunded.
    This is easy, its straight forward, it should already be this way.

  • uShip

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Keep in mind that this change in policy is the first of several changes we’re making that will directly address TSP concerns. This is one of our top priorities.
    Be sure to check back for updates, and keep the feedback coming.

  • Infomist

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