uShip Mobile App – Top 4 Features for Shippers

Mobile TipsSince the launch of our new uShip Mobile app, the uShip team has touted many of its uses for professional transporters. The app is truly one of a kind in the transportation industry, allowing shipping pros to find loads based on location and place bids on new business while on the road. (View a quick demo here.)

However– uShip Mobile is also a great tool for shippers! Whether you’re moving a car, boat, or heavy freight, the uShip app is the perfect way to keep up with your shipment listing and keep in touch with service providers.

Here are a few of the key features of uShip Mobile for Shippers.

1.  Review active listings and compare bids from different companies

When you post a listing on uShip, bids from qualified transport companies can come in at any time. Many times, these will be time sensitive — transporters often place the most competitive bids when they’re “already headed there”– meaning they can pick up your shipment on their current route. If you’re away from the computer and only discover these bids after they expire, you might have lost out on a great deal.

Using the mobile app, you can view a list of all your bids and their details at any time.

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2.  Ask and answer questions about your shipments

Service providers depend on your feedback to determine if and how they can accomodate your shipment. Questions about the size, weight, condition of your item, and the finer details of the pickup and dropoff sites are all essential when a service provider is consdering your shipment.

So, being able to respond to questions on your mobile device is very helpful and could help you snag a great deal on shipping.

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3.  View your service provider’s contact information after booking

Once you’ve accepted your bid, you can find all your transporter’s contact and business information on uShip Mobile. Call and email directly from your phone.

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4.  Release payment to your service provider when the job is done!

This is probably the coolest and most unique part of the app. If you’ve paid online using uShip Payments, you’re aware that payment is not actually submitted to the transporter until the job is completed.

At that point, many customers simply hand the unique payment code to the transporter. But if you can’t find the code, or if you’d just like to do your transporter a big favor, you can immediately release payment by clicking “SUBMIT” on uShip Mobile. Voila!

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