uShip Payments Update – Withdrawal to PayPal Now Free

Money ShieldLast month, we launched uShip Payments, a new service allowing shipping customers to prepay for services in full through uShip. Since launch, we’ve been communicating directly with service providers about the new service, answering questions, and making a few important updates to the system.

What’s New with uShip Payments (previously ‘Safepay’)?

  • Withdrawals to PayPal are now free for all service providers – this gives you another free and instant withdrawal option, and with a PayPal debit card, these funds are immediately available for use.
  • Service providers will receive a withdrawal confirmation email for all payments.

Where can I find more information about uShip Payments?

We welcome the uShip community to submit any constructive questions or ideas. Withdrawal confirmation emails, for example, were the idea of FastFreight4U, one of our awesome service providers! Feel free to submit questions in the comments below or on the uShip Support Community.

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