uShip Names Dick Metzler CMO

Dick Metzler A big uShip welcome to Dick Metzler, uShip’s new – and first – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  Dick is a 25-year shipping industry marketing veteran who has held leadership positions at some biggest names in freight.

He brings to uShip that perfect mix of incredible transportation experience and fundamental brand management that’s brought to market some of the industry’s most well-known freight brands and services like DHL’s U.S. launch and the early version of FedEx home delivery.

Here’s a brief Q&A with Dick:

Q.  How did you first learn about uShip?

DM.  I had come across uShip as I was looking for potential speakers at the TMSA (Transportation Marketing and Sales Association) where I was president at the time.  I was able to arrange for Matt Chasen (uShip’s CEO) to give a lunch talk – and I had an opportunity to learn a lot more about uShip and get to know Matt better.

Q.  What attracted you to take the CMO role at uShip?

DM.  One of the most intriguing parts of uShip for me is that we have a one-of-a-kind online transportation exchange where we are in effect the eBay, Priceline and Travelocity of shipping, all in one.  When you combine uShip’s unique transportation value proposition, plenty of additional market segments to pursue, and the opportunity to tell our story to a lot more people, it is a great place for a marketing guy like me to be.

Q.  You’re joining uShip at an interesting and exciting time.  What will be your main responsibilities?

DM.  I’ll primarily oversee uShip’s brand and marketing strategy, as well as online search, inbound/outbound marketing, business development and corporate communications that support cross-company initiatives and key verticals, including, vehicles, relocation, household goods and freight services to uShip’s core carrier, shipper and broker stakeholders.

Q.  What’s impressed you most about uShip so far?

DM.  uShip has built a tremendous amount of proprietary technology that I don’t think the freight industry realizes, like secure online payments, mobile apps, tracking, search and more.   It’s also perfectly positioned to be a core ecommerce fulfillment platform for larger than parcel goods in support of both B2C e-commerce marketers as well as business shippers.  I think there is a terrific opportunity to package, position and take to market the great work the uShip team has done in a clear, fun and compelling manner.  Stay tuned.

Q.  What has surprised you the most?

DM.  I’d have to say the culture.  It’s unlike any place I’ve ever worked. Even after 10 years and almost 200 employees, it’s been able to maintain a fun, youthful, work-hard, play-hard environment that really values employees and offers some nice perks like free lunches and First Friday team building.

 Welcome aboard, Dick!

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  • jerry jameson

    to the CMO what are your plans to help us carriers,brokers,drivers who are starting out its hard for us to make an income to support our families. the high fees are killing us for bids under $700 and those above it.. even some customers arent liking it at all. they agree its too much out of their own pockets and us who do the pick ups and delivering to its destinations.. also i checked on the mc carrier number for my profile and i dont require one as im under the minimum limit for it and im not a cdl driver rather a marine veteran who has my own full size half ton silverado and enclosed car hauler trailer where my wife and i do our uships like yesterday a tipi shipment that was local…thanks mtn shippers

  • t @ l

    first off welcome to the cmo. I have 2 comment. first to the the previous post. A mc/dot number has nothing to do with weight. You are a transporter for hire. You are correct in you don’t need a number as long as you do not cross any state lines. If you leave the origin state with the item you are hauling you cannot legally cross state line with the proper authority. Now to new cmo. Please get rid of the offer feature. We have book it now and with the offer feature and uship telling people what it should cost the only thing this feature is doing is taking the majority of the auto shipments out of the small guys hand and handing them right to the brokers who cancel as many loads as they actually haul

  • Kirk

    Yes please get rid of this OFFER thing. its redundant when coupled with a book it now.. Also want to help Matt and USHIP make more money? Get rid of the Brokers and the people that don’t use their accounts! I dont want to be 1 of 100XXX shippers. This gives people false hope in thinking that they are getting more bids. the fees are already huge enough, having USHIP or Ebay tell anyone what it will cost is senseless! While you guys are charging us fees and them fees its causing people to look else where.. straighten this place out so the guys that do try to get work from you to make you money have work..

    Also the Power carrier program should be simplified into a pricing structure to benifet the carriers. who gives a crap about net flix and some silly phone? we al have this already! Thanks and Welcome! If you would like to hear more, Ill gladly fly down and have a meeting with you..

    • t

      awesome comments love the fact your brought up the broker thing. Im tired of losing bids to brokers who book cars less then 50 cents a mile then cancel. Now the customer expects us the little guy who hauls one or two cars at a time to match there rate costing us customers. also there ridiculous amount of cancelations is against uship policys yet nothing is done about it

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  • Kirk

    Anyone going to answer?

  • Dick Metzler

    Kirk et al, thanks for the warm welcome to uShip (kind of) 😉 I am in the middle of sorting out my move from Dallas and some pressing deadlines. That said, having read the comments from all three of you below, I would like to have a more detailed discussion and iteration than is plausible in the blogosphere. If you send me a LinkedIn invite, I will be happy to give each of you a call from your contact info there. If that does not work, let me know here and I will figure something else out. I look forward to the discussions.

    Dick Metzler – your local, friendly uShip CMO

  • Terrell

    Please do away with the OFFER and just use Book-it-Now. After you put in a offer you just have to wait days to see if you are picked.That is no way to make a living.

  • PuppyAir

    Can you add a airline option, we transport pets via air and theres no way to complete our profile without this option. Also add in a feature to track airlines 🙂

  • jimbo

    Mr Dick Metzler your U Ship in Aussie needs a big shape up , we run 7 trucks in Australia and only win 2 per cent of your jobs or quotes , first reason is it takes to long , second check out loadshift it is a far better system and we win more from them because the system is quicker , We the the Truckys pay a fee to loadshift for the quote’s , Time to get onboard with reality this loadshift system is far better yours is out dated, sorry to bring you bad news , but employ a subcontracter like me and i will show you how to improve your business in Australia

  • jimbo

    or in USA

  • jimbo

    And in exchange you can help me in the importation of freight to Australia from USA and reverse