uShip Now Shipping en Français

French FlaguShip continued its global growth today by launching enhanced, localized support for users in France, as well as for those who speak French.  Just as it’s done for the U.S., UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and the European Union thus far, this localization helps shipping customers and transporters better facilitate shipments traveling in, out or within France.

uShip will display members’ appropriate regional settings based on automatically detecting their geographic location by country.  You can also view and change your regional settings by clicking on the country flag in the upper part of any uShip page.

What does this mean for customers?
For customers in France, uShip regional settings will now reflect:

  • Local currency – Euro (€)
  • Local time zone and date format settings for time-sensitive activity on uShip, such as listing expirations and voice alert preferences
  • Regional dimension/distance format for measuring items and distance in Metric

What does this mean for transporters?
Service providers in France, or traveling in and out of France, can take advantage of a number of the same regional settings their customers now have, such as local currency, time zone and measurement format, in addition to:

  • Default Find Shipments settings to help you easily find shipments to, from and within your country
  • Enhanced support for Along-a-Route and Local searches in France
  • French Service Provider Directory so customers in France can easily find and request bids from you
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