uShip Tops 250,000 Transporter Reviews. So What?

Milestones are always nice to report, and uShip hit some biggies last year.  We passed 1 million listings and 1 million members, but we’re particularly proud of the one we just eclipsed:  250,000 transporter reviews, including 30,000+ stories, by shipping customers.

And don’t look now, but we’re also knocking on the door of another:   ~200,000 registered service providers worldwide (Current count:  199,495)

But numbers and milestones are meaningless without context. So, what do these numbers mean for shipping customers or transporters on uShip?

For shipping customers, a quarter-million feedback means you are able to research feedback-rated moving companies and haulers before committing to do business with them.  You see a carriers track record — beit good or bad — in its full glory.  uShip compiles internal, external and transporter-provided information into a single, publicly-available web page.  And 200,000 registered transporters means you have plenty to choose from.  Check out our Safe Shipping Guide for more.

Boat HaulingFor owner-operators on the road, this represents new business.  Nothing wins — or loses — new business faster than what past customers say about you — and an increasing number of transporters are realizing how to use their uShip reviews to tip this in their favor.  As they build positive feedback and reviews over time on their free, Google-indexed uShip profile pages, they put their testimonials to work as a marketing and customer acquisition tool, either by linking to them from their own sites, or directly referring potential customers to their uShip profile page — even for jobs that they may have secured off uShip.

One example is owner-operator Scott Bawcom of Dream Time Transportation (uShip ID: dreamtimetransportation), a family-owned transport business out of Nashville. Scott earns 60-65 percent of his business through uShip and ranks among uShip’s top boat and vehicle haulers.  He’s a uShip Power Provider with a feedback score of 154 (and counting), so he wisely links his company web site directly to his publicly-viewable reviews and stories on  The picture above is Scott on the job.  Read more here.

Scott says: “With a million moving companies out there, there’s nothing better than potential customers reading what others say about you, In our case, we have over 150 people on uShip saying we do a terrific job. Without those testimonials, we’d have probably lost 10-15 percent of that business.”  

So, transporters, how are you using your customer reviews, feedback and provider profile to build your business?

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