uShip’s eBay Partnership: What It Means for uShip Service Providers

eBay logoWhether it’s been cars, boats, motorcycles, antiques, heavy equipment, and pianos, even the occasional disco ball, Huey helicopter and Bob’s Big Boy statue, eBay items have always been a constant source of listings and business on uShip. In fact, over 560,000 have organically made their way to our transport marketplace.

There’s about to be a whole lot more. I’m excited to announce that uShip and eBay now have an agreement that will incorporate uShip into many eBay categories that contain large, oversized items, also known as Larger-Than-Parcel (LTP). The deal is global and will grow as the year goes on.

So, what’s this mean for you, the loyal carrier or broker on uShip? Two main things:

  • More listings, more business. Kick-off categories for our agreement are vehicles, motorcycles, powersports and boats with more categories coming soon.
  • More motivated shippers. Our data shows they’re generally more responsive and engaged because they’ve either just made a sale or bought something. This keeps you moving.

I’d encourage you to do three things now:

  1. Update your profile page. Spiff up your storefront to make the best first impression. Update your experience, insurance, equipment, and photos, and ensure your company description looks professional.
  2. Get SaferWatch Monitored. This gives shippers a greater sense of confidence when considering carriers and increases chances they’ll accept you. Learn more
  3. Download uShip’s mobile app. Our new app does a whole lot more now, like let you accept bids, ask/answer questions, accept payments, better manage shipments and more from your cab. Learn more
Matt Chasen uShip CEO Founder

Matt Chasen, CEO and Founder, uShip

Our customer service team is standing by if you have questions (support [at] uship [dot] com).  Power Carriers, your VIP rep can also answer any questions as well.


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