Happy Earth Day From the uShip Team

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

At uShip, we believe sustainability is the future of the transport industry. And the future of every industry, for that matter. Efficient, transparent, and cost-conscious solutions to moving freight across the world are a win-win for everyone.

The uShip platform began as a simple idea for reducing waste. Today, uShip enables businesses, consumers, carriers, and logistics professionals to connect with one another in an open platform that saves them time and money. Sustainability is built into the platform:

  1. Every year, the uShip marketplace fills millions of cubic feet of cargo space that would otherwise remain empty.
  2. Every day, uShip shipments reduce the number of wasteful deadhead miles traveled along thousands of freight lanes, when trucks are left without backhaul cargo on return trips.
  3. Through our partnership with TerraPass, uShip customers and transporters have an opportunity to generate direct carbon offsets with every transaction. Between 2006 and 2011, the uShip community offset over 30 million miles in freight transport. (That’s equal to 1200 trips around the strange blue orb you see at the top of this post.)

Not to mention, our internal operations are carbon neutral as well.

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