Now Hiring uShip Developers: They’re “Just Like Us!”

The primary goal of this post is to highlight that we’re hiring for a ton of positions in all functional areas throughout 2013. We’re in need of developers, engineers, and product managers; sales and account managers for our growing commercial segment; digital marketing pros (SEO/PPC), online payment wizards, UX producers, and much more.

But, we digress. A one-off lunchtime photo of two of our mobile developers ignited a bit of an inside joke around the office this week.

If you’ve ever flipped through an entertainment magazine, you might be familiar with the perennial “JUST LIKE US” (or similar) spreads that show celebrities doing incredibly mundane things that humans often do: eating ice cream, going grocery shopping, walking along the beach and the like. Mind-numbingly fascinating stuff. So…

Developers on the uShip Mobile team… They eat lunch. JUST LIKE US!

Just Like Us

But seriously, we are hiring at a quick clip this year in every part of the company — but especially developers.

Come see us! Here’s where you can meet our team:

  • SXSW Digital Creative Job Market, March 7 and 8 in Austin
  • SXSW Startup Crawl, March 7 in Austin
  • Our annual “NERDS ROCK” bash on March 9 of SXSW Interactive (by invitation only, contact a senior team member or hiring manager)
  • Ongoing campus career fairs at the University of Texas and St. Edwards University

If you’re interested in finding out more about our work style and culture, check out the uShip Culture and History pages. And if you need just a bit more encouragement to apply or refer someone you know, here’s one blog writer’s opinion: Working at uShip is incredibly rewarding. We work hard, we have fun, and gosh darn it, we do everything we can to create a product that changes the world.

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