SOLD! uShip Stories from Marketplace Partners – “Win a Free T-Shirt” Edition

Many of the shipment listings on uShip come from awesome marketplace partner sites like Proxibid and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The items purchased on these partner sites range from large to enormous: from rare antiques, to cars and boats, heavy equipment (in the case of Ritchie Bros.), and the contents of entire warehouses.

Arcade Games, Helicopters, Giant Excavators, and Other Unidentifiable Industrial Equipment

uShip makes it easy for customers from partner sites to list these unwieldy items without having to enter any new information at all. They only need to enter the URL of the listing from Proxibid or RB, and all relevant details are pulled into uShip. That way, items are moved quickly, and professional haulers have access to accurate dimensions and weights. Occasionally, however, the lot titles are less than descriptive.

That said, even we can’t even identify two of the more recent Ritchie Bros. shipments below: Tell us what they are in the comments and we’ll send you a FREE uShip t-shirt! 


Proxibid Auction:  Two Arcade Games – Namco BarberCut and PGA Tour Golf from Johnson City, TN to Plymouth, MI

Arcade Games
Customer Testimonial
“Howard was awesome. The price was fantastic and the games were delivered way earlier than expected. Look forward to using uShip again.”

This shipment from Proxibid was recently hauled by hauler hcollins on uShip. The buyer bought the two machines from an online Proxibid auction of games that were sold off by a closed arcade.

The items sold in auctions hosted on Proxibid also vary widely — from assets of closed businesses, in this case, to rare works of art, to industrial equipment and antique furniture. The site offers a great set of commercial tools for businesses and auctioneers, while offering some incredible deals for buyers.


Proxibid Auction: E-Z Go Electric Golf Cart with Charger From Ocala, FL to Conroe, TX

Golf Cart
Customer Testimonial
: “Very good job! Arrived exactly as promised in perfect condition.”

This unusual 3-wheel E-Z Go Golf Cart (though it’s fancily branded as a John Deere, was auctioned off online with a lot of used lawn mowers by a dealer in Florida. Somewhere in Conroe, a very happy customer is driving a lean-and-mean 3-wheel, 10 horsepower John Deere golf cart.



The Unidentifieds: Be the first to tell us WHAT these shipments are in the comments and we’ll send you a uShip t-shirt!


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers: Victaulic… “Other?” from Davenport, FL to Miami, FL

Customer Testimonial
: “I posted my shipment and got answers within 1 hour with reasonable prices. I selected the one I believed was more reliable and got my shipment delivered as expected. I have used uShip in the past and will continue using as my first choice for moving heavy and light loads within the US.”

Apparently Victaulic is a manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, but other than that, we have no idea what was shipped here. However, the auction listing import to uShip carried accurate dimensions (4 ft x 4 x 5) and weight (250 lbs.) for the carrier, making it a smooth transaction.


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
: Dings… “Other from Davenport, FL to Sechelt, BC, Canada


Customer TestimonialWe purchased the item from Ritchie Bros. and used uShip to find a trucking comnpany that could get the item to us quickly and at a competitive rate. We selected Tricor as they already had a truck in the area. We were able to research them on the Internet… They kept us informed through emails and phone calls when to expect the load. We are more than satisfied with their service and communication with us throughout the whole process! Thanks guys!”

Though the item/Ritchie Bros. auction lot listing carries a photo of its serial number, along with “Dings Magnetic Group,” we can’t tell what it is. What we do know is it’s 7,400 lobs., and nearly 6.5 feet wide by 8.5 feet long by 2.5 feet high.

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