uShip Addressing Transporters’ Concerns over Unresponsive, ‘Window Shipping’ Customers

Two of the biggest concerns we hear from transporters on uShip are about shipping customers who are 1) unresponsive to questions and 2) just “window shipping” with little or no intent to actually ship. We consider these to be low-quality listings, and we’ve been taking a closer look at these over much of the year.

ApplesIt’s not uncommon for listing-based sites like ours to use listing fees to reduce spam and low quality listings (eBay as a prime example), but uShip wants to keep listings free.  Instead, we’re addressing these concerns and listing quality by developing some technical solutions behind the scenes (in geek speak, updating algorithms).

As a result of these changes, some of you may have recently noticed large swings in the numbers of active listings as we’ve been testing different algorithms.  While we’ve heard your concerns, this was an expected consequence.  We believe considerable progress has been made in increasing the listing quality on the site — and our data supports this.  We plan to continue making tweaks to the algorithm to help reduce and eliminate low-quality listings from the marketplace.

So what does this mean for you?  We anticipate transporters will experience 4-5 short- and long-term positives from working with customers with higher-quality listings:

1.       More responsive customers

2.       Higher conversion rate from listings to booked shipments

3.       Higher bid acceptance rates

4.       Overall significantly more shipping volume done on uShip

5.       A better, more time-effective experience for transporters

Fact is, uShip has more new customers wanting to list and ship on our site than ever before.  But we’re putting these measures in place to ensure we maintain a healthy marketplace, one where only the highest quality listings make it in and remain active.

Please let us know how you think we’re doing.  We look forward to your comments.

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