uShip Local Moving: Streamlined booking process

uShip knows that a local household move (one that is less than 50 miles) is much different than a long-distance move. To help both Shippers and Service Providers manage local moves better, uShip has made some major changes to the way these moves are handled on the uShip marketplace.

uShip is excited to announce the launch of uShip Local Moving, a better way to book and bid on local household moves. The major features of uShip Local Moving include:

  • Local moving booking requests
  • Hourly bids for local moves in the uShip marketplace

Local Moving Booking Requests

To help customers find local moving companies easier and to help Service Providers book local moves in their area more effectively, shippers can now send booking requests to local movers in their area, before listing their move in the uShip marketplace.

Shippers, when you are looking to move locally you will:

  • Be presented rates from feedback-rated moving companies in your area
  • Be given the opportunity to request services from one of these moving companies, by sending a pre-paid booking request
  • Hear back from your requested company within 24 hours

If a local moving company accepts your booking request, you will be sent contact information to work out any remaining details. If they are unable to accept your move, you will have the chance to request another moving company or list your move in the uShip marketplace.

How booking requests work for Service Providers:

To receive booking requests for local moves in your area, enter your local moving rates and cities you service in My Rates. These rates will be used to pre-fill your local moving bids, saving you time and making it easier to find and bid on more shipments.

Local moving booking requests you receive are:

  • Secured with a pre-paid deposit equal to the uShip fee* for that move
  • Exclusively guaranteed to the Service Provider requested, which means you have 24 hours to respond before the move is listed on the uShip marketplace.

* uShip fees for local moving are now flat rates based on the number of bedrooms. Learn more about how local moving works.

Hourly bids for local moves

In addition to adding booking requests, uShip has changed the way local moves are bid on in the uShip marketplace. Local moves will now be bid on by Service Providers based on an hourly rate and the number of movers required. This will help Service Providers make more accurate bids, which helps Shippers when comparing moving companies and rates.

We look forward to seeing more and more Shippers use improved uShip Local Moving to find and book moving companies. Service Providers-we hope these changes help you win more moving jobs and bid in a more efficient and accurate way.

As always, we welcome your feedback in the Local Moving discussion thread.

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