uShip Marketplace Partners Deal in Big Numbers

It’s no secret that many of the shipment listings on uShip come from awesome marketplace partner sites like Proxibid and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The items purchased on these partner sites range from large to enormous: from rare antiques, to cars and boats, heavy equipment (in the case of Ritchie Bros.), and the contents of entire warehouses.

Here are a few of the more expensive loads that were sold through our partners, and immediately shipped using

Proxibid Auction

: Kobelco SK130LC – from Willow City, ND to Portland, OR

Kobelco ProxibidThis giant scooper would have been handy in the scene from Jurassic Park when Dr. Satler was studying Triceratops droppings to find the reason behind the great dinosaur’s illness. A machine this large would have been effective in helping her discover the root of the dino’s illness without having to get her hands quite as dirty.

This 29,000 pound piece of equipment was sold by our Marketplace Partner Proxibid and then was shipped from North Dakota to Oregon for the low price of $3,409.

Maybe there is a secret island off the coast of Oregonthat is home to some pre-man dinosaurs and some scientists who need large quantities of material moved around.


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers: Caterpillar 525C From Davenport,FL to Salt Lake City, UT

Caterpillar ProxibidHow much dirt/debris could be pushed by this Caterpillar machine? A lot. What else could be pushed by this gentle giant? Maybe a row of toddlers on tricycles, or perhaps a row of grocery baskets for those who are too frail to do their own shopping.

This Caterpillar pusher was sold at the Ritchie Bros. Auction house in Florida and then transported to Salt Lake City, UT. How much did it cost to ship this beauty? It cost $6,256 to ship this item as freight across South and Middle America.

Is it possible this brute went to Salt Lake City to push snow around? It’s possible. This Grapple Skidder also has a large claw on the back of it’s cap that allows it to pick up and move large things like bundles of fallen trees.


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
: GROVE RT9100 from Elberfield, IN to Corona, CA

GroveThis long-distance sale took uShip haulers across 1,966 miles of America to deliver this Grove RT 9100 from Indiana to California. This rough terrain crane gets the job done, weighing in at 110 tons and specially designed for rocky terrain.

How much did it cost to ship this powerful crane from one side of the country to the other? It cost $30,395  and six days to get this crane to it’s new home in California.

Whatever construction is happening in Corona, CA will certainly benefit from making use of this heavyweight crane. It’s got four lengths of extenders for a maximum of 114 ft of main boom available. In other words, it’s getting the job done.

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