uShip Marketplace Partner Spotlight: Jaguars, Macks and Bobcats, Oh My!

As we’ve mentioned before, many shipment listings on uShip come from awesome uShip marketplace partner sites like Proxibid and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The items purchased on these partner sites range from GRANDE to ENORME:  everything from rare antiques, to cars and boats, heavy equipment (in the case of Ritchie Bros.), and the contents of entire warehouses.

Take a look at what the marketplace partner sites have been shipping in April:

ProxibidAuction:  1989 Jaguar XJS – from El Cajon, CA to North Las Vegas, NV 

Jaguar - Proxibid AprilThis customized 1989 pearl-colored Jaguar features blue leather interior and chrome wheels. The vintage ride is a convertable and gets somewhere between eleven and fifteen mpg on the highway.

It’s a good thing winner of this Proxibid Auction used uShip to send the car to Las Vegas. At fifteen miles per gallon, this Jag would have cost the bidder more in gas than to have it shipped!

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
: Bobcat T140 – from Newman, GA to Orlando, FL

This Bobcat T140 is used as a backhoe to move things around onsite. The bobcat’s total weight rounds out to 6,400 pounds, a lot for such a small backhoe. Don’t count this Bobcat as one of the lightweights around the jobsite, it can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The rubber tracks and small width on this Bobcat make it ideal for small jobs like backyard and sideyard work. The rubber tracks are easy on grass and the small frame allows this loader to squeeze into tight spots.


Ritchie Bros.Auctioneers: Mack CV713 – from Butner, NC to Columbus, OH

Mack dumptruckThis Mack dump truck  is able to hold up to 46,000 pounds. It can fit some serious junk in its trunk. This shiny black dump truck is one of the most popular dump trucks in production.

The uShip carrier who transported this vehicle carried it a short 467 miles from North Carolina to Ohio on the back of a transporter truck. This transport was no small feat. The truck itself weighs something close to 16,000 pounds.

If the new owners ever tire of dumping, the back end of this truck could be turned into one giant hot tub. One would only need to maneuver a very large tarp (or two), a water hose and some twine around the extra large bed of the truck to create a fine swimming hole.

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  • Alan

    As a Shipper here with USHIP I would like to get a few comments on the addition of a spot to add notes to a shipment during a shipment . For example : if you have a problem where when you show up to pickup a car only to find out the car has not been paid for. When I contacted the customer he ask that I reschedule on another route I told him I would do my best but there is no Guarantee I would have anything close to him in the near future. I feel it would be beneficial to have a place to note this on the shipment so it doesn’t Negative on me for this shipment setting on my book for 30 – 45 days . Any comments or thoughts