uShip Wins 2010 Location Labs Developer Contest

uShip has been selected the First Prize winner of the 2010 Location Labs Developer Contest!

We were chosen to receive the award based on our integration of Location Labs’ Universal Location Service (formerly Veriplace) in our killer uShip Tracking platform.

location labs logoThe Universal Location Service, abbreviated ULS, makes it possible for any of our thousands of transporters to share their location with shipping customers. uShip Tracking is an invaluable resource for transporters that increases customer satisfaction for shipments and draws highly-targeted bid requests.

Location Labs is one of our key partners and we’re proud to accept the award.


What is uShip Tracking?

With Location Labs data, the uShip Tracking Center answers the question “Where’s my stuff?”

In our opinion, we have the most precise and up-to-date tracking platform available in the transport industry. Transporters can opt into the service free-of-charge and offer their clients a variety of location-based updates from their phones, including manual updates and automated GPS tracking.

Shipping customers are able to track the progress of shipments and target specific transporters in their area to request bids from. It’s a fantastic tool that gives customers peace of mind, and allows transporters to be in control with opt-in/out location options.


Why Location Labs Universal Location Service is Awesome

location labs iconWith the help of Location Labs, our 2009 launch of uShip Tracking was hugely successful. With this launch, uShip became the first commercial service to enable remote location of mobile phones across carrier networks, effectively ushering in a new era for “location aggregation” alongside Location Labs.

ULS is the only integrated service that allows developers to access location data for any mobile phone– not just fancy-schmancy GPS-enabled smartphones, but any phone on major US mobile networks including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. (With all the iPhone/Android buzz, it’s easy to forget that 70% of people have dumb phones.)

The system behind the Universal Location Service (a cloud-based API, in nerd speak) has allowed uShip to provide our customers, both shippers and transporters, with safe and secure access to location services.

Jason Finkelstein, Location Labs’ VP of Market Development shared his views on uShip’s win.

“We love uShip’s use case. Not just because it offers a unique method of shipment tracking, but because the simple addition of the truck driver’s mobile phone location to uShip’s unique shipping marketplace creates aligned incentives for all participants.

It gives shippers visibility to know they can see where their shipment is.  It takes a logistical burden off of transporters to be in constant communication and encourages safer behavior— like not texting and driving. It also reinforces uShip’s core business. With more trust and transparency in the marketplace, more shippers accept more bids from transporters. These factors, combined with uShip’s drive to innovate, made them the clear choice for First Prize in Location Labs’ 2010 Developer Contest.”

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