On the Marc, Step #1: So you want to become a truck driver? Let’s talk.

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Since I started appearing on Shipping Wars in early 2012, I get weekly calls and emails from people who want to know what it takes to become a transporter– not to mention meeting fans at every truck stop from California to Kamloops.  And my guess is that for every one person who contacts me, there are probably 10 more that don’t ask but want the same information.

My first questions for anyone who contacts me are:

  • Do you want this?
  • How do you know if you want this?
  • Is this who you are?

These are the fundamental questions you MUST ask yourself before committing to going further.  Flying by the seat of your pants is fine in some things, but not with trucking. Proper steps need to be taken. No shortcuts.

So let’s look at the Pros and Cons of getting into hauling:

The Pros:

You can be your own boss, make your own money, get pats on the back for doing your own thing, take care of your family, live the American dream, and see the country.

The Cons:

It takes some capital to get equipment, plus long hours, regulations/compliance rules, being away from home A LOT, high operating expenses, and long periods of inactivity (due to long hauls behind the wheel).

Certainly, it’s not for everybody.  If you’re a single parent with kids and/or you don’t like driving long distances, well, this may not be the profession for you. But if your circumstances allow it, keep reading.

How did I know I wanted to do this?

My light bulb moment occurred when I got paid $35 for hauling a boat from one side of Seattle to the other. Sure, it was just 35 bucks. But I could instantly see this money-making machine I was
sitting in, so that’s what drove me, literally and figuratively. I get to be my own boss. I’m making money. Living the dream. And for the most part, I’m hitting the jackpot every time I book a load.

I was totally stoked on the idea – and as a result, my self-confidence around jumping into trucking skyrocketed. Know that to do this, you’ll need a lot of faith in yourself, even if you aren’t experienced – that part will come.

Marc’s Bottom Line:

It takes the right attitude, desire and discipline to do this job – as well as faith in yourself.  Most importantly, proper steps need to be taken. No shortcuts.

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  • littlejoe

    I have been in the transport industry for 17+ years. I am from Canada and I have been coast to coast and to every state south of the canadian border except Hawaii. I would like to go into business as an international carrier but I need to know who I need to get ahold of and what I need to do it the right way. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  • James

    If your hauling small scale stuff like pets, small collectables, furniture, etc. Do you need CDL’s


      I might be wrong but I believe CDL’s go by the amount of weight you haul. There are a couple of different classes example…. I have a cdl class A which means I can haul up to 80,000lbs. Chek your state DMV for a copy of their cdl drivers manual. It will have most any questions you have. Good luck be safe LAYDGATOR

  • Keith

    I have a 14 ft. U’haul truck that hold up to 14,ooo. Do you know anyone needing someone like that? I also have my CDL.