College Moving Guide: Yale


If you’re a new college student, a soon-to-be high school grad, or if you’ve ever been a college student — you know how stressful preparing for your first year of college can be.

About this time each fall in the United States, millions of new students trek across the country to pursue an education. The tradition of moving far away from home to attend a university is a uniquely American tradition: Many students spend years planning moves to out-of-state colleges that suit their unique interests and goals. That said, when it comes to starting an education and embarking on a journey that could change the world, moving stuff to a new home SHOULD be the least of a student’s worries — though that’s rarely the case.

Yale University (and a few other highly selective schools) are unique in that nearly their entire student base is recruited from out-of-state. With 95% of students traveling across great distances to get there every year, “the big move” is a way of life in New Haven, Connecticut. That’s why we wrote our first College Moving Guide specifically for Yale students.

Read our College Moving Guide for New Yale Students here, complete with inside info about the residential college system, off-campus living, nightlife and off-campus dining options. It’s 16 pages, free to download and prints nicely!

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