All’s Fair In Love and ‘Wars’ – Jarrett Pranks His Way to First On-Time Delivery



Waterpiller aka Jarrett’s Prank on Chris & Robbie

What appeared to be an innocent tractor listing on uShip wasn’t what it seemed.  What the cast didn’t know was that Jarrett had posted his church bus, which was broken down on the side of the road in Tennessee, full of a previously-booked water toy shipment headed to Florida.  Even though Jenn underbid the load for $2,300, Jarrett accepted Chris & Robbie’s $2400 bid, feeling they were better equipped to handle the load.  When “Chrobbie” arrived at pick-up and realized what was going on (Jarrett standing next to his disabled vehicle), Robbie had to convince Chris not to drive away and stand Jarrett.

Eventually, they got the bus loaded, but what is normally two’s company in the cab quickly turned into three’s-a-crowd as Jarrett went all Chatty Cathy on the hot shot couple, driving Chris out of his mind.  Chris was about to strand Jarrett, leaving him at a random rest stop, but again Robbie came to the rescue and Chris let him back in the truck.

In the end, the load arrived on time – so happens, it was Jarrett’s first on-time delivery, just so happens it was on the back of someone else’s truck.

Linotype Machine


Linotype Machine

The other featured load — won by Roy — was an extremely rare and delicate 100-year-old linotype printing press with thousands of parts, heading to a publishing company getting ready for a busy printing season.  The buyer made it clear:  get the load there late and suffer a $100 penalty.

Most things don’t get under Roy’s skin — if you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty thick — but on pickup, the shipper wouldn’t shut up and practically sent Roy over the edge.  Once on the road for the 170 mile trip, he discovers a piece had fallen off and attempts to weld it but fails.  So after spending $60 to get the part fixed, Roy still arrives on time to make the delivery.  Turns out, the buyer knew the piece was already broken.  Roy negotiates a bit higher rate for making the fix (albeit unnecessarily) and lands a tidy profit for the one-day run.

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