Bleep Count Final Standings [Shipping Wars]

Bleep Count ep 48“Shipping Wars” is officially on a mid-season break, which means the final standings for the Bleep Count are in. Roy bleeped his way to the top early on while Marc, Chris and Jenn bleeped it out all Season. It wasn’t until the bee episode that Marc really gained some bleep traction and pulled into a sure 2nd place.

Jenn bleeped the most this week–a total of four bleeps–with her load of arcade games that almost didn’t fit in her trailer. Chris let Roy get the best of him and bleeped twice, while Marc bleeped only once this episode.

The real shocker here is that even with Chris getting on his nerves, Roy only bleeped once the entire episode.

For the first half of Season Four, we conclude with Roy in 1st place with 53 bleeps, Marc in 2nd place with 31 bleeps, Chris and Robbie in 3rd place with 17 bleeps, Jenn in 4th place with 16 bleeps and Jarrett coming last with 9 bleeps. That makes one thing that Jarrett is good at–keeping his mouth clean.

Not one of the newbies that appeared in the first half of the season got off scot-free. With only one episode a piece, each rookie shipper bleeped at least once. Chelsea and Courtney win in the rookie category with 5 total bleeps (it was those bleepin’ sharks), The Bodens had one bleep and Johnny Chavez also had one bleep.

Is the last episode a hint that Roy is going to change his ways and quit all the foul language? Stay tuned for the next portion of Season Four Bleep Count to find out.

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