Let Them Ship Cake + Journey of Beads and Babes [Shipping Wars Recap]

Chocolate Sculpture

Chocolate Sculpture

You know the story:  Jarrett’s eyes get too big for his trailer and his best laid plans get messy.  On tonight’s first episode Jarrett wins a chocolate self-sculpture of two artists – one of the guys on the other guy’s back.  An incredibly intricate, delicate piece containing 100 pounds of chocolate that had to stay cold going up the eastern seaboard from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Turns out the cake barely making it into his trailer in Florida, but turns out something about being around all that chocolate brought out the romantic in Jarrett.  He went to see a girl at a diner he’d met on a previous trip through the Florida town he was in, simply HOPING she’d remember him.  The girl isn’t at work so Jarrett waits and waits and waits, all day, while the cake he was hauling (yes, the one that was supposed to remain cold) sat in his trailer directly under the hot noon-day Florida sun.  She finally arrives and gives Jarrett her number, but it puts Jarrett way behind – 8 hours late, to be exact.  After getting the cake up a flight of stairs to finalize the delivery, Jarrett was penalized for damaging the cake.

Mardi Gras Bus

The night’s second featured load had something you don’t see every day:  Marc Springer driving a multi-passenger party bus.  This “load” featured 14 college-age passengers headed from Austin to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday.  The trip was under time pressure because the partygoers wanted to hit the Fat Tuesday parade  1-day trip to hit the parade down Bourbon Street for the beads.  Miss the beads, and Marc would miss the money.

But the 500-mile drive was anything but a straight shot that Marc is used to.  He had to constantly pull over for passenger bathroom breaks, putting the deadline in jeopardy with every flush and making this trip anything but the Big Easy.  At the Texas-Louisiana border, with his patience running wafer thin, Marc restores order despite being seriously behind schedule.  The passengers were pretty upset when he ended up getting them to Bourbon Street AFTER the parade was over, but turns out they were only in it for the beads.  Always prepared, Marc had purchased a bag o’ beads before the trip and handed them out like candy to the kids.  He got paid is $1400, all profit because the passengers also paid his expenses.

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