Locked and Loaded! Shipping Wars, Season 4, Premieres TONIGHT @ 10/9c

Make sure your dials and DVRs are set to A&E tonight for the Season 4 premiere of Shipping Wars. Marc, Jarrett, Roy, Chris and Robbie are driving the new season home tonight with two back-to-back episodes. Tune in at 10 pm/9c for a wild ride around America including monkeys, magicians and a search for kitchen grease.

Chris and Robbie Shipping Wars

In the season premiere episode at 10pm, Jarrett books a load of monkeys and learns the truth behind the phrase “never work with kids or animals.” uShip Mustache Champion (see below) Marc Springer’s patience is sawed in half when he drives cross-country to deliver a load to Atlantic City for a Las Vegas magician. At 10:30 pm/9:30c, Chris and Robbie convert one of their rigs to run on vegetable oil and scramble to find fuel on a cross-country haul. Roy tries to help his son Travis break into the hauling business, but it turns out Travis’ girlfriend isn’t the problem!

If you aren’t familiar with “Shipping Wars,” it paints the transportation industry in a rather unorthodox light. In each episode, professional carriers on uShip haul unusual shipments while facing unexpected challenges. Episodes often include over-the-road drama, dilemmas, and unruly customers.

So if you dig the drama– keeping in mind it’s reality television– Season 4 is just what the doctor ordered.


And just how confident is Marc Springer as uShip’s reigning Mustache Champion? Well. See for yourself:


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    freaking shipping wars is killing the shipping business.. every johnny come lately with a pick truck think they can be a transporter.. that’s all good and fine. but don’t go cutting all our throats to get a shipment .. at least try to stay in the same area code the rest of us are.. placing such stupid low bids is crazie. how are you suppose to make any kind of money.. those of us who have been transporting for years now with Uship . are bidding with in a couple of hundred dollars of each other and these jokers with no experience. come and bid 1,000 dollars below.. what happens if you have a flat? how are you plan on eating and sleeping? You will soon learn that your cutting your own throats.. D.A.

  • Sylvain Roy

    With payments of $ 5,500.00 / month it is impossible to run a MOID 2.60 miles, the expensive mechanical costs, we must consider the unexpected on the road, I driver for over 16 years, the standards of transport changes, laws also, if you want to have the newest and nice truck, he has to change every 5 years, you must pay for the ride at reasonable rates, the bandit who know nothing transport carrying a load for $ 1,000.00 which is usually the $ 2,600.00 should not even be in the field of transport.

    I ride depending on the weight, dimention and value, the distance on my spleen and not for another carrier are keeping the power drive.

    Good day.

    Sylvain Roy
    I.T.S. Express INC

  • webo

    its the same here in europe,i had a bid in for a job just 50 miles away then someone came in and halved the bid and they are 1000 miles away! the price they gave for the job is impossible to make money even if they had a few extra jobs they make it not worth the hassle