Pet Cemetery – Roy Ships Zombies and Caskets [Shipping Wars Recap]

Animatronic Hillbillies


Animatronic Hillbillies

On tonight’s episode Roy’s load of five life-sized, animatronic, zombie hillbillies is quite scary. Roy gets in a few jokes, but the rest of the cast is curious as to whether he actually drinks blood or not.

The night gets even more ghoulish when Roy picks up a side-load carrying cat caskets to a pet cemetary. Yep, that’s right. Cat caskets. When Roy has to deal with an eccentric cat lady, his patience are more than tested. At the deliveryRoy bargains for a casket for Muffy as a bed and has “Count Muffia” engraved on the lid. Isn’t that a little morbid Roy? After all is said and done, Roy comes away with an extra $450 for delivering the caskets.

Somehow wires get crossed on the proper drop off location for the hillbillies and Roy loses his temper not only with the big boys in his trailer, but the customers as well. In Jarrett’s words, Roy turns out the be the murderous hillbilly in this situation, not the animatronic he has in tow. When the biggest of the hillbillies doesn’t work upon unloading, things look grim. Turns out the air supply wasn’t quite right and Roy isn’t sympathetic when one of the customers gets a hillbilly dropped on his foot. Roy ultimately comes away with $800 after he delivers the hillbillies and kitty caskets.


Jenn - Vintage Honda Sedan


Vintage Honda

Jenn wins the bid for an antique Honda car this episode, hauling a car from the East Coast to the Midwest. This load is perfect for her because she had a wedding to go to in the Midwest. When the old Honda’s back wheel locks up, it becomes a struggle to get the car loaded into Jenn’s trailer. Finally the customer getss a backhoe involved and breakes the bumper. Turns out Jenn left the parking break on while they were loading.

Her customer threatens her with no pay if the car is damaged at any point. The pickup of the Honda is less than ideal when Jenn finds out the vintage Honda doesn’t run.

Somehow, Jenn’s client doesn’t care about the damage to the car and the offload is easy as cake (since the parking break isn’t on). The Honda is a family heirloom and the customer is more than happy to have the car home. Jenn walks away with only $510 after racking up $500 in expenses but she makes it to her girlfriends wedding.

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