‘Reality Check’ Bleep Count Lives On – How Much Do the Stars of ‘Shipping Wars’ Curse?

Although “Reality Check” has been put on hold for our “Shipping Wars” recaps, the Bleep Count is still a highlight in our week. The past two weeks have been eventful for the “Shipping wars” cast and not one of them were completely clean!

Bleep Count ep 45


In this week’s episode “High Tech Rednecks” the cast’s language stayed pretty clean and there were minimal ‘bleeps’ throughout the episode. With that said, we can always count on Roy to let a few curse words fly when dealing with unruly customers. (Why does Roy always get the wayward shippers?) It isn’t until he delivers cat caskets for a crazy cat lady and arrives at the animatronic hillbilly drop off location that Roy starts a cussin’. The customer posted the wrong address on the uShip listing and Roy had to go to a completely different location to unload the 600 lb ghouls. As he arrives onsite, tensions are running high and Roy hikes his Bleep Count up to 47 total curses for the season.

When loading the vintage Honda into her trailer, Jenn forgets to take the parking brake off and it turns into somewhat of an ordeal to get the car into the trailer. When the customer gets out his forklift and breaks the bumper, Jenn racks up two bleeps on her overall count. The drop off was easy as pie for Jenn she stays in clean language territory toward the end of the episode. The two curses from “High Tech Rednecks” brings her total to 11 bleeps for the entire season.

Bleep Count ep 43&44_edited-2

The bleep counter was dinging away last week as every cast member put up at least one talley. Most, more than one. Jarrett, who almost never curses,  really surprised us by getting bleeped a total of four times in the “Punch Drunk Love” episode. Even though Jenn didn’t have a shipment last week, she still upped her count got on the board with 1 bleep during a portion of her commentary on the others’ shipments.

The rest of the “Shipping Wars” crew fared well. Roy, hauling a giant, broken linotype machine continued his unreachable lead with 7 total bleeps in the “Broken Down and Busted” episode. Marc gets frustrated by the college kids he is transporting to Mardi Gras and cusses a total of five times en-route to New Orleans, LA bringing his season total to 11 bleeps. When Chris and Robbie are tricked by Jarrett and forced to give him and his van a lift to the load’s final destination, Chris loses his temper, almost leaves Jarrett at a rest stop and throws language caution to the wind adding 5 bleeps, totaling 15 for the season.

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