Remembering Roy: “It’s like a bubble bath for your mind”

The uShip family was deeply saddened to hear of Roy Garber’s passing on January 17.

We’ve known Roy a long time, nearly 5 years since he joined uShip as a service provider in February 2009.  In 2011, he was cast for Shipping Wars and in 2012, as the show premiered, Roy’s n0-BS attitude and tough-as-nails work ethic was seen by millions across America and eventually around the world as Shipping Wars became syndicated.

Roy was also a spokesperson for uShip.  We had the pleasure of his frequent visits in our office.  Roy’s riveting stories of wrestling with sharks, deep knowledge of how to read a ‘gator coming on shore, and knowledge of how to fix pretty much anything kept his audience glued.

We even made a series of videos with Roy to promote uShip, finding him in unexpected activities like providing empathetic customer service to a wayward fellow service provider and doing dishes in the uShip kitchen with Muffy, his cat.

As we remember Roy Garber, enjoy watching him in action at uShip:

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  • Daniel Hanson


  • Natalie Porter

    Thank you for posting the video of Roy. It made me laugh when I was sad from hearing of Roy’s passing. Perfect like Roy.

  • Michael Estes

    Our prayers go out to the family 🙂

  • Roy Super Fan



    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a beloved character on the show, we’ll miss you roy


    he was a jerk but my kind of jerk. loved him. gonna miss him. “perfect like Roy”

  • arrdeesss

    Wow. I hated to hear this. He was totally my favorite on the show. Rest in peace Roy.

  • Todd Komoski

    Roy doesn’t have to worry about that nickle anymore. God bless him
    and rest in peace Roy.

  • Wva

    The silver Jesus, we will miss him a lot. Thank you Roy for your taking no crap at all.

  • Mike Smith

    OH WOW. I loved this guy. Unbelievable. A report says he was 49, WOW, & died of a heart attack. He wasn’t overweight, so what happened. I hope more info will be forthcoming.

    • Ryan Lockner

      Smokes can kill a man too. Or some families have heart problems in the genes. Roy lived his life to the fullest for sure. Prayers to his family.

  • J Shippee

    Gonna miss you Roy

  • old man

    my wife and I loved to watch shipping wars, and ROY was the best at what he did, and the rest of the cast were great, he will be missed . he is now transporting on heavens highways

  • david mccoy

    from one shipper to another, he will be missed. Rest in Peace

  • Wesley Banner

    Is that Jared that Roy is talking to on the call??

  • JC

    WOW at first I thought it was just another death hoax BUT it isn’t. I watch the show and he will be missed. God Bless Roy. You will be missed brother!!!!

  • Ryan Lockner

    Ok, I’m sorry I love Roy and am very sorry to hear of his passing. That being said this video is bs. Roy would not be so compassionate. That’s what made Roy Roy.

  • Gus Kuewa

    I can’t believe what I just read. I didn’t even see it til I opened up the website. RIP Roy. You will be missed dearly. I really liked this guy and his attitude. It is what made the show fun to watch. Still can’t believe this happen.

  • stacy

    Hi I’m stacy o I love that guy he du didn’t let any one give him any crap, some one you could look up to

  • stacy

    Hi I’m stacy olmstead watched and admired him on tv and now I am trying to start shopping

  • Doughboy Express

    Roy was our favorite on the show, he will be missed. His quick wit was always the highlight of the show. RIP. You will be greatly missed.

  • CaptinJackUSMC Jack

    There will never be another like Roy, I was sadden to hear of his passing on our prayers go out to his family and to Muffey RIP Roy you got 5 stars from me.

  • Anthony

    May his soul Rest In Peace. He is greatly Misses


  • brandon rusch

    Roy was the best on shipping wars my father met him at a truckstop and called him an &$$hole, but he was not