Sharks and Eels and Load School, Oh My! [Shipping Wars Recap]

Load2 ep46 - Sharks & Eels

Leopard Shark and Two Moray Eels

As we welcomed two new ladies to the show, Chelsea and Courtney, they got WAY into the bidding and set such a low bid, none of the shippers could keep up. The load? Two Moray Eels and a Leopard Shark. When they got to the the aquarium, the girls got a little nervous when they found out there was an ambulance on-call for them incase something went wrong with the animals. Turns out, eels have two sets of jaws that could potentially eat their fingers off.

Loading the eels was a little scary. Chelsea and Courtney decided to split up the load so that they are each responsible for a different animal–Chelsea got the shark, Courtney got the eels. But when the girls hit a lot of bumps and the water started splashing out, they were forced to add chemicals to the transport water. Courtney had to cowgirl up to grab water out of the eels tank for testing while Chelsea had no trouble dipping her hand into the shark tank.

The girls made it to the drop off point on time, with almost no problems. (The animals lost some oxygen during the trip but were fine.) Chelsea and Courtney pulled in a hefty profit for their first load. With four stars, they split $1,500 for transporting the shark and eels.


Load1 ep46 - Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment Made of Recyclable Materials

In this episode, Marc tried to help Jarrett by teaching him the ins and outs of professional shipping. Marc started out by letting Jarrett bid for him on tonight’s loads which seemed a little like flirting with disaster but Jarrett booked a sizeable load, both in profit and in actual measurement.

First off, Marc made Jarrett wear some Snortn’ Boar Transport gear to get in the mindset of professionalism. When the guys won the bid for a playscape made entirely out of recyclable materials, Jarrett basically got in Marc’s way the whole time during loading. Jarrett started horsing around on the forklift and Marc had to scold him to make him behave.

When the guys finally got on the road, Marc continued his teaching by showing Jarrett the best snacks for the road. Marc gave Jarrett more than he bargained for when Jarrett almost drank the wrong kind of yellow Gatorade from Marc’s side of the truck.

After a long day of learning things, Marc and Jarrett finally made it to the drop off zone. The “young grashopper” seemed to have learned a few things and Marc put Jarrett in charge of the unload process. Jarrett did a great job and it seemed that he learned from the “Master Shipper” after all.

Congrats to Jarrett and Marc for working together so well and delivering America’s largest playground structure with 5 stars and a $2,000 profit.



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