Ship Happens – Freight News Roundup – August 27

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It’s week five of uShip’s Freight News Roundup! Every Monday, we’re bringing the uShip community posts and articles about the transportation industry, transport policy and technology, and recent trucking news.

Here’s a selection of great articles we came across today and last week.

FMCSA Makes Changes to CSA  – Commercial Carrier Journal

Following a four-month preview of proposed changes to the Compliance Safety Accountability enforcement program, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Friday, Aug. 24, announced which ones will go into effect in December. In general, the changes are intended to enable the agency to more quickly identify and address high-risk truck and bus companies with compliance concerns.

Read about connected cars in Michigan, Domino’s pizza delivery vehicle, Shipping Wars cast at GATS, and a tandem slide tip video after the jump! >>

Connected Cars Take to Michigan to Reshape the Driving World – Wired

A citizen army of everyday drivers are taking to talking cars, buses and trucks to assemble a torrent of information about how drivers behave and what situations they encounter when behind the wheel. It’s the government-backed study of the connected car, and it’s happening on the tree-lined streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan beginning today.

Local Motors, Domino’s Collaborate on Pizza Delivery Vehicle  – Wired

There must be a cooler way to deliver pizza than slapping a backlit plastic triangle on the roof of a rusted-out Honda Civic. Local Motors is working to figure out how.

No Shorrtage of Trucking TV Stars at Dallas Show – by Max Heine | Overdrive Online

Anyone who doubts that trucking television has gotten big just needs to visit the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. TV celebrities, as well as the traditional slate of music stars, are greeting fans all over the show.

Weigh Station Bypassing – There’s an App for That– by Todd DillsOverdrive Online

At the Great American Trucking Show, Drivewyze, a subsidiary of roadside inspection equipment manufacturer Intelligent Imaging Systems, announced the Aug. 28 availability of their new “PreClear” product, a web-based weigh station bypass system that operates via an app on operators’ Android, iPhone or Blackberry smartphones.

Truckers Hit the Road to Healthier Eating, Living Delaware Online

Two years ago, truck driver Rick Ash weighed too much, slept fitfully and suffered body aches after a long day behind the wheel.

Ash, 60, of Lakewood, Colo., had spent decades sitting all day, guzzling a daily gallon of coffee with high-fructose corn syrup creamer. He subsisted on truck-stop and fast-food fare: often fried, sometimes drenched in gravy, loaded with fat and sugar. And he got little or no exercise.

Tandem Slide Tips Video

As a professional truck drivers we have all had times when pulling the handle on the trailer pins was impossible. This video is geared towards injury and frustration prevention by showing drivers how to pull the pins on a trailer with little to no effort when no one is around to help.




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