Shipping Wars Episode Recap: 2 Capuchin Monkeys & Oversized Magic Trick

Season 4 of Shipping Wars kicked off with two shipments on opposite ends of the shipping spectrum: 2 Capuchin monkeys and an usual magic trick prop incorporating a jet engine turbine. Watch uShip’s Reality Check Shipping Wars recap or catch the write-up below.

2 Capuchin Monkeys
Before we continue, we have breaking news. Jarrett finally turned in his van for a new rig – a church bus.  With his new found confidence, his $1300 bid grabbed these little guys from what  appeared like a sure win for Jennifer Brennan.  But Jarrett wasn’t about to lose the job!  During the 500 mile journey from South Carolina to Florida, Jarrett pulled– well– a Jarrett.

In a truly unbelievable turn of events, Jarrett went against the owner’s advice and let the monkeys out of their cages, leaving them to have wreck havoc in a hotel room.  Jarrett ends up getting kicked out and has to pay for cleanup, resulting in just a $760 profit after expenses.  Jarrett still managed to get in some flirting with the shipping customer on delivery. Nothing says “Available” like a church bus.  At least it runs.

Shipping Wars Capuchin

Oversized Magic Trick Prop
uShip pro Marc Springer, on the other hand, was ready for action, going head to head with Chris & Robbie to win an over-sized magic trick going cross country 2,500 miles from Vegas to Atlantic City.

The 747 engine turbine fan itself is around 13 feet high.  Marc’s trip east was fairly smooth until he arrived in New Jersey encountered a bridge overpass that was 3 inches shorter than his 13’11” load height. Fortunately, Marc – the consummate pro – was paying close attention and avoided decapitating the turbine.  A few kind self-identified New Jersey rednecks helped him find an alternate route.  The prop was delivered on time, but not before the shipping customer demonstrated his magic trick of stepping through the engine turbine turning at full speed. The magician’s method for clearing the fan without a scratch remains shrouded in secrecy.

Shipping Wars Jet Turbine

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