Shipping Wars Episode Recap: 48k Pirate Swords & Human Hamster Wheel

Item 1:  48,000 Plastic Pirate Toy Swords

A toy sword order goes awry–aaargh!–and Chris and Robbie must return 48 boxes of faulty plastic children’s pirate swords back to the manufacturer, who doesn’t want them back.  But the swords break off, leaving sharp edges, which can injure kids using them.  So the delivery must be made under the dark of night — without even a booty call in advance. A drive-by dumping.  Easy!  But when the hot-shot couple books a supplemental load to make a little extra money — a kids play shed — they end up not being able to get it loaded, leaving 5 kids without the gift they were so anxiously waiting for.   To make good on the screw-up, Chris and Robbie end up purchasing a new shed for the family — and all is good in the end.

Pirate Sword

Dimensions:  48 boxes containing 48,000 toy swords, 1800 lbs
:  Baltimore to Mobile, Alab. (1,000 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Chris & Robbie
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $2600 + 600 (for the second load)
Total Profit: 
$345 over 6 days (after purchasing the new kids’ shed)
Total Bids Received
:  13 (high bid: Roy $3,800)

 Item 2:  Human  Hamster Wheel

When life runs you ragged, what do you do?  Get on a human-sized hamster wheel!  Roy books a human-sized wooden wheel used at an indoor mountain bike training park.  It needs to get to the opening of a second store of Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park, or there’s gonna be trouble.  But before leaving the pickup location, he injures his knee riding a mountain bike into a pile of foam.  During the 1-day drive to the drop-off point, his knees gets worse, making delivery of the 1,000-lb, 10′ high cumbersome wheel that much more difficult.  But in the end, Roy and a few other guys get it into place, in perfect condition.

Human Hamster

Dimensions:  10′ high, 8′ long, 5′ wide, 1000 lbs (plus 2 ramps)
: Cleveland to Milwaukee (422 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Roy
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $1500
Total Profit:  $1173 for 2 days work
Total Bids Received
:  8 (high bid: Marc $2,200)

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