Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Evel Knievel Truck & Crooked House

 Item 1:  Evel Knievel Show Truck & Trailer

During Evel Knievel’s hay day, pretty much every kid grew up in awe of his death-defying feats, some successful, many not.  Among them was young mustache-less Marc Springer, who saw Evel as a hero, a legend, bigger than Elvis.  So when Evel’s 1974 original show truck and trailer came up for bid on uShip, not only did Marc have the right equipment to haul this 35-foot, 9-ton truck, but he also had some deep-seeded nostalgia pulling at the heart strings.   The truck, which was pretty well delapitated after sitting idle and in the sun for 20 years,  needed to be in New Jersey in just two days for restoration before heading to a truck show.  Marc had to bring in another truck (at a $2,000 expense) to haul the trailer before getting on the road.  And while en route, Marc turned into the world’s biggest fan boy as he showed customers at truck stops along the way.

evel knievel rig

Dimensions:  20,000 lbs, 35′ long, 8′ wide, 11.5′ high
  Lincolnton, N.C. to Elizabeth, N.J. (636 miles)
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
Total Profit
(after expenses):  $1,800 for 2-day run
Total Bids Received:
  8 (high bid: Marc $6,500)


 Item 2: Crooked House

Chris and Robbie outlasted Jarrett in a bidding war with Jarrett to win this crooked play house that stands 25 feet tall, headed to the Texas State Fair.  Knowing it would take two trucks, Chris drove the hot shot couple’s new truck, while Robbie, along with her son Carter, drove the pickup with gooseneck trailer.  When they arrived, they expected it to be broken down into 4 panels, but instead, had to do it themselves, which took all day.  Instead of 600-700 driving miles a day, poor weather means the couple was only making 100-200, putting them way behind schedule.  Once they got rolling, they hit another snag — a big snag:  the truck Robbie was driving completely lost a rear wheel, which went flying across the highway and into the other lane. Fortunately, both Carter and Robbie were safe, but it put the couple in dire straights to meet their delivery deadline, risking a no-payment penalty if even a minute late. And just 3 blocks from the Fair, the load shifts, almost falling off the trailer, but ultimately they pulled it off and got full payment.

crooked house

Dimensions: 4 panels of 25′ long, 5′ high, 4′ wide, 500 lbs
Porland, Maine to Dallas, Texas (1900 miles) 
Winning Bidder:
  Chris & Robbie
Winning Shipping Bid:

Total Profit
(after expenses):  $3130 for 4-day run

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