Shipping Wars Episode Recap: “Frankenship Horrors” – Horror Props & Film Reels

Item 1:  Horror Memorabilia Collection

Horror MemorabiliaChris and Robbie successfully bid to haul this two-part load of horror memorabilia from the Northeast to Florida. The customer, a dealer/exhibitor of pop culture kitsch in Saint Lucie, Florida, purchased the entire contents of a 10-by-10 foot storage unit in Massachussets, in addition to two “horror”-themed life-size figures sold by a collector in Harrison, NY. The super realistic Frankenstein you see on your right made for a comical load-in.

The firm, three-day delivery deadline set by the customer became a bit more complicated when Chris and Robbie arrived at the storage unit and discovered its dimensions were actually 18-by-20 feet (not 10×10). Robbie’s first comment after seeing the much larger unit? “Oh. This is going to suck.” Thankfully, the buyer receiving the shipment in Florida agreed to pay an additional $1,000 for the mistake.

An additional $2,000 shipment of a wall-mounted fish made of Costa del Mar sunglasses parts helped to make the journey a bit more profitable.

Dimensions:  Two rare Frankenstein silicone figures, plus an entire 10′ x 10′ storage unit full of horror memorabilia: 1,100 masks, figures, animitronics, autographs, etc. Shipment is about 10′ long, 15′ wide, 10′ tall and weighs over 5,000 lbs.
:  Harrison, NY to Port Saint Lucie, FL (1,200 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Chris & Robbie
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $2,750
Total Profit: 
$1750 over 3 days (after expenses and two new tires)
Total Bids Received
:  12 (high bid: Marc: $3,800)

 Item 2:  1200 Film Reels

FIlm CanThis collection of vintage film prints were sold to Alamo Drafthouse, a unique Austin-based chain of cinemas. An entire storage unit containing 1,300 to 1,400 prints was sold by Max Wren of Bloomington, Indiana, who explained the reels once belonged to his father. Alamo Drafthouse purchased the reels just in time for a special film screening in downtown Austin that was three days away.

Roy Garber placed the winning bid for the load, and became visibly frustrated not long after arriving for pickup. The heavy prints weren’t palletized for loading as expected. He became even more perturbed after discovering the true weight of the load at a nearby weigh station.  The 29,040 pound load was nearly 3,000 pounds heavier than estimated on the uShip listing, and well over what he could legally haul with his trailer.

Roy’s frustration with the job intensified after dealing with two tire blowouts in a row on the road. His arrival was delayed only slightly, however, and he made out with a clean profit.

Dimensions:  1200 octagonal metal cans containing film reels, each 4′ by 3’4″, totaling between 6,000 and 9,000 lbs.
Origin/Destination: Bloomington, IN to Austin, TX (1,100 miles)
Winning Bidder:  Roy Garber
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $3,000
Total Profit:  $1,750 for 3 days’ work
Total Bids Received
:  9 (high bid: Marc, $3,800)

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