Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Ice Sculpture & Animal Artwork

Like the season premiere episode, Episode 2 involved two things that don’t mix:  water and oil.  To be more precise, an ice bar sculpture and cooking grease for a bio-diesel engine. Watch uShip’s Reality Check Shipping Wars recap or catch the write-up below.

3,000 lb Ice Bar Sculpture
After Roy outbid Jarrett to land the load for $2,000, viewers walked right into some Garber family drama with Roy’s son, Travis, who unexpectedly brought along his girlfriend, Ashley, to help with the family biz.    The trio had to move a super heavy ice sculpture from Florida to Mississippi, a trek of about 600 miles.  Fortunately the ice bar could be wrapped and packed as separate pieces in freezers for the trip.  Turns out Travis was more interested in the cows of the adjacent field than he was in helping.  Meanwhile, Ashley was a rock star.  Travis ended up catching an earful from both Roy and Ashley, leaving Roy with two deliveries:  Travis and Ashley at a bus stop and the ice sculpture to Mississippi.  The latter arrived on time and intact – other than some customer-caused damage to one piece of the ice.  After some expenses, Roy netted a cool $1300 for the 2-day run.

Shipping Wars Ice Sculpture

Animal Artwork
The episode also featured Chris and Robbie making plenty of bio breaks – that is to say, searching for used cooking oil for their bio-diesel rig.  The hot shot couple secured the half-mil in animal artwork (dogs and cows mostly) from artist George Rodriguez for $3500, and had to haul it from New Orleans to an art exhibit in Carmel, California, about a 2200-mile trip.  The shipping customer, skeptical of the couple’s bio-diesel capabilities, bet Chris $400 he couldn’t make it cross-country on old grease alone.  Things were looking pretty bleak at one point as the couple couldn’t land any liquid gold, almost leading to their arrest, but eventually they started calling ahead for permission and it was nothing but smooth sailing after that. Anyway, the artwork arrived safe and sound – and with the extra cash from the bet – Chris and Robbie netted $3400 in profit on the run.

Shipping Wars Animal Artwork

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